Hi Loves!

My name is Krystal (Krys) Benson and I'm a 26 year old influencer based out of Brooklyn, NY. I love to create and I look for any opportunity to express myself whether through fashion, art or everyday life. After 3+ years in Corporate America, I decided to quit my 9-5 and follow my dreams of being a freelance wardrobe stylist in New York City.

Inspiredbykrys was started as an outlet for me to share my personal style, opinions and experiences with the world. I want everyone to live their best life and to be confident in their own skin. Therefore, I use my platform to inspire others to go for their dreams, take chances and of course to do it all in style!


10 Facts About Krys

1. I love thrift shopping

2. #naturalhair yet, I switch it up pretty often

3. I'm a Leo [8.12.91]

4. Born + Raised in Charlotte, NC

5. Shrimp is my favorite food

6. I LOVE trap music

7. Neat freak is my middle name

8. I will try everything at least once

9. I don't eat yellow candy

10. I tap my leg every time I see a punch buggy