18 Mantras to Take Into 2018

Wow! Can you believe that we're at that moment in the year where we're all recapping our year and thinking back on all the things that happened in our lives? Can you believe 2017 is practically ready to chuck the deuces and it's time to give way to an entirely new year? Yeah, it honestly hasn't hit me yet either. It feels like yesterday I was living in Charlotte and trying to figure out a way to get out of my job. And now, I'm in downtown Brooklyn writing my last blog post of the year. It's crazy that so much can change in a year.

If you look at my 2016 then fast forward and look at me now, wow!  I'm always amazed when I think about it, but to actually say it out loud is mindblowing. God took a girl who was hurt that her father wasn't in her life, obsessed with "love" and the idea of being loved, working a 9 to 5 and hating every moment of it and made her into someone who isn't afraid to bless him in public, who understands her worth and is genuinely happy, who is doing what she loves in NYC. When I say it out loud and really let it resonate, I smile.

God has allowed me to grow so much in 2017 and I've learned a lot of things to help make me a better me. So, I decided to share with you 18 mantras that I'll be bringing with me in 2018. I believe these have all shaped me unto the woman that some of you have grown to love. By no means do you have to follow this list, but if you're in the market looking, I highly recommend it! Well, here it goes:


  1. Trust God and Have Faith!

  2. It's Okay to Smile and Genuinely Be Happy!

  3. Put Energy into the Things That Matter Most.

  4. All Relationships Aren't Meant for You!

  5. Say No and Mean it.

  6. Have the Curiosity to Try Everything Once!

  7. Eat Right and Work out, it's Mandatory!

  8. Never Pay Full Price, Still!

  9. Vitamin E Oil is Your Best Friend

  10. Eliminate Meaningless Sex.

  11. Surround Yourself With Doers!

  12. It's Okay to Make New Friends.

  13. Calm Down and Think About the Things You Say!

  14. Be Genuine and Authentic!

  15. Accept When You're Wrong.

  16. Find Ways to Travel More.

  17. Be Upfront About Everything!

  18. HUSTLE!

Check out my 2017 In Rewind recap video below to learn more about how things transpired for me this year. Learn my new mantra and my hope for you as we bring in this new year!

Krystal Benson