All Natural Body Wash

Having dry skin during the winter is definitely not a good look! After years of not listening to my body, I've finally realized that smell goods just didn't work for my skin. Being a person that suffers from eczema, I wanted to test out some all natural products to help keep my skin hydrated during the winter season!

I have always noticed that Tjmaxx had an array of goodies in their product section. I just never took the time to go look. Well one particular shopping trip I decided to pick up 2 products to help enhance my shower time! I came across body wash and scrub that I have absolutely fell in love with and I thought it would be only right that I share this goodness with my subscribers!


Coconut Milk + Vitamin E by Renpure, has zero parabens or sulfates added! The coconut milk helps to replenish the skin and keep it moisturizers while the vitamin E helps to keep skin looking and feeling A1.

Loofah Exfoliating Scrub w. Aloe Vera + Kiwi by Earth Therapeutics, is a vegetable based scrub! It was formulated to help gently exfoliate the skin while unclogging the pours of any surface pollutants.

I've been using both products for over 3 weeks alternating with the scrub! They are amazing and my skin has never felt better! I can't lie, having eczema is a headache and can become a pain. But when you can find products that actually help to soothe and nourish your skin instead of strip it of its natural moisture, managing dry skin becomes that much easier. You can find both products at your local @TJmaxx for under $10! Try them today and let me know what you think!