DIY Distressed Denim

Its finally summer and one thing is for sure, you'll definitely need a pair of distressed shorts to get you through the season.  While most fashion trends have a life cycle, this is a trend that I believe will continue to evolve and never get old. Last year, the focus was primarily on short shorts, also known as “booty shorts”. Celebrities such as Rhianna and Khloe Kardashian were notorious for rocking distressed short shorts. This look not only complimented their body type to perfection, but it also made their style more risqué and enjoyable to follow.

This year however, the focus has shifted from the distressed short shorts to the distressed mid-thigh/knee shorts.  If you have shopped online in the past few months, you can see that majority of online boutiques and clothing stores have capitalized on the trend. For a nice pair of distress shorts, you will see prices ranging from $25 - $60 and up depending on the brand. I personally don't see the logic in paying a high amount for ripped up shorts, unless they are to die for. That is why this summer I decided to be prepared for the trend by making my own.

DIY Distressed shorts are inexpensive and super easy to make. All you need is a pair of old jeans, scissors, tweezers, chalk (optional) and some time to spare. If you don't have any old jeans laying around the house, go to your local thrift store and find a pair that fits the look you are going for. I personally like to use high-waist jeans when I am making any type of short.

The steps to making some bomb distressed shorts are pretty simple:

  1. Lay the jeans together flat and determine where you would like your shorts to stop. If you are more of a visual person and want to double check, you can try on the jeans and use the chalk to make a visible mark. This will help with making sure you don't cut too much off and ruin the shorts
  2. Remove the jeans and cut along the created line. If this is your first time making shorts I recommend cutting a little below the line to give yourself room for error.
  3. Once you have the desired length, cut parallel horizontal slits on both sides of the shorts. This is where the distressed look will appear. Remember the wider the slit, the bigger the hole.
  4. Begin to pull on the white horizontal threads, using the tweezers to loosen them up if necessary. This will help help speed up the fraying process.
  5. To create larger gaps, remove some of the white horizontal threads altogether. 
  6. Use the tweezers to pull out all the vertical threads.
  7. Throw the jeans in the wash and send them through the dryer. This helps to solidify the distressed look. Tears will look like they’ve been naturally establishing themselves for years

This process can take around 30 minutes to an hour depending on how detailed you get. However, I promise that the finished product will be a work of art and most importantly it willbe practically be free!  This summer, I challenge you to tap into your creative side and make your own DIY distressed shorts!

Check out the tutorial I used to make my shorts here!