Being natural is only a hassle when you’re lazy. I know the first few months of me being natural I was hit with a rude awakening when I realized that being natural was just as much, if not more work than having a relaxer. However, I am one of those girls who will NOT do anything if my hair isn’t done. So, I had to figure out ways to make my natural pop! I personallybelieve that there is no reason for me to pay a ridiculously amount of money to someone to do my hair, when I can do it myself. So, I decided to take the inexpensive route and make YouTube my newbest friend. I looked up how to’s on curl outs, braid outs, crochet braids, faux locs and more.

Now let me warn you, a lot of the videos you see seem so easy. The YouTuber's make you believe it truly only takes 30 minutes max to create a masterpiece with no errors. However, I am here to tell you to not be fooled. In order to master the style on yourself it is definitely going to take time and lots of patience. When you hit hour 6 (faux locs took me 14 hours) Just keep reminding yourself that you're saving money and you will look fabulous in the end. I recommend when doing a new protective style, choose a weekend when you don't have anything planned so that if it happens to take all day you won't miss anything. Also, if you're a perfectionist like myself, it will give you enough time to make it Instagram worthy lol!

My goal this summer is to try and master as many of these protective styles as possible. While I want to save money, my main objective for embarking on this "protective style" journey is to promote healthy hair growth. So stay tuned for more styles to come. If you have any suggestions on styles you think I should try shoot me an email I'd love to hear from you!