Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Bacckkkk

While in Savannah, I traveled up and down highway I-95 and became in love with this city called Atlanta. I’m sure you’ve heard of the place. It’s known for it’s raw uncut talent, socialite lifestyle, and of course the Georgia peaches. After visiting so many times, I fell in love with what the city had to offer. The grind that everyone had in the area was magnetic and I wanted to be apart and truly make a name for myself. Then all of sudden, one day I changed my vision, like most young people, and I was on a mission to get up north.

We all know that if you want to make it big in fashion, you MUST make it to New York City. This is the hub for all things fashion. From private brands, to global brands, to underground brands; NYC is the place where, if you play your cards right and encounter that one opportunity, you can make it big! So, I started to apply to jobs in New York and surrounding areas. I was able to get a few phone interviews with companies but never succeeded with an offer. So, as any person who’s unable to make their dreams a reality, I began to get discouraged. Why couldn’t I get to where I wanted to go? Why couldn’t I make that transition to the big city? Why? Why? Why? During that time of questioning, I still continued to apply to different companies. From Maryland to North Carolina, to California, and even back to Georgia, I applied all over. I began to get desperate to be honest. I just wanted to get out of Savannah and get back into civilization with young professionals looking to change the world. So, I prayed and asked God for him to open up a door for me to leave Savannah, and he did just that.

I ended up landing a job as a Replenishment Buyer back in my hometown Charlotte, North Carolina. The crazy thing about it was that “my plan” did not consist of coming back home. Since I don’t have kids, my plan was to travel the world, explore life in different areas, and make memories that I could share with my kids one day, far, far away. However, like I said “my plan”. See God definitely works in mysterious ways and his plan wasn’t for me to move off to a big city just yet.  I still needed to find who I am as woman, and discover the purpose God has for my life. Of course it won’t happen over night, but as each day goes by I’m learning more and more about myself and who I am as a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, leader, entrepreneur and visionary. And when the time comes, because I am speaking it into existence, for me to enter into the crucial streets of New York, D.C, or LA I will be well aware of who Krystal J. Benson is and my confidence in my abilities will be so strong that no one or thing will have the ability to break me. So, instead of being disappointed in my move, I see it more as a stepping-stone in my journey to success. I am excited to see what is to come and I hope you join me along the way in this chapter of my life entitled: Char-Lit!