A birthday isn’t a birthday without a brunch midday turn up! For my friend’s 25th birthday we took our talents to Sports One Bar & Lounge located off College Street.  If you aren't familiar with the name, Sports One is a sister location to Bar one located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is owned by Peter Thomas, ex-husband of Atlanta Housewife star Cynthia Bailey.

We came around 12pm, so there was no real crowd. It was 2 other small parties, the wait staff, management, and us. We were the life of the party! I’ve been here numerous times for birthday events and dinner, but this time was it different. 

I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but once we had our entrée we all realized it was the food. They recently hired a new chef and the skills were on point! I The food was awesome and the drinks were wavy! To start we all got 3 bottles of Champagne and orange juice with a side of cherries to make our mimosas. Being that we had to mix them ourselves we probably put 90% Champagne and 10% OJ! Can you say LIT. Remember, a brunch is not a brunch if mimosas aren’t involved. For my entrée I got the Fish and Grits ($14), highly recommended, and I ate ever-single bite. 

The one thing that I wish I could’ve changed is the music. They were playing old school R&B in the peak of a midday turn up. We started to get restless when our requests weren’t getting played, but thankfully one of our friends had brought her Beats pill so we took matters in our own hands. For the last 10 minutes of brunch we played our usual trap music anthems live from the pill! Overall, the vibe here is awesome and if you have some amazing people in your party you are bound to enjoy yourself.

I give Sports One Bar and Lounge an 8 for the limited music selection. This place is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Charlotte area and you want to have a slightly turnt yet classy brunch experience. Not to mention, Peter, the owner, is a regular and if you're lucky some of his celebrity friends are in the building as well!