Taco Tuesday on a Friday Night!

If I could have tacos everyday of the week and my stomach would allow it, I would. But for now, I try to limit myself to once every few weeks. The other day my friend and I were in the area, and hungry as usual. So, I used my handy dandy yelp app and came across this gem that apparently has been around for a while. To the public its known as Hot Taco, but to the locals its known as the taco joint in South End.

We walked in around 7pm and were seated immediately. The best part was that we got the big booth in the back that had its own 50” flat screen. We used it to our advantaged and had the waiter turn the game on. To start, like just about every other Mexican restaurant, they brought out chips and salsa. Now, let me warn you, if you are not a fan of super spicy food like me, DO NOT eat the salsa.  I took a few bites tapped out and opted for the queso instead. They brought it out on this cool little burner that they keep lit by candle fire, which I thought was super cute. For my entrée I got the Baja Fish Tacos ($10) on flour tortillas, with rice and re-fried beans. It was highly recommended by my waitress and she didn’t disappoint. While they are open late, they stop selling the specialty tacos after 10pm and all you can order is beef and chicken.

I give Hot Taco a 9 for the amazing tacos and the dope big booth in the back with the 50” TV. Not to mention the service was just right. The waitress was around exactly when we needed her and did bother us with being too available, if that makes sense.  If you’re ever in the Charlotte area and you want some yummy tacos this is definitely a must visit!