How to Flip 1 Item 3 Ways!

When buying new pieces to add to my wardrobe, I always like to ask the question: “How often will I wear this?” There are instances where I will buy a statement piece for a specific occasion. However, most of the time when I am adding items to my wardrobe, I like to purchase items that can be worn multiple times. This not only saves money, but… it saves money!

Below are 3 different ways I plan to wear my DIY distressed T-shirt:



OUTFIT #1is something I would wear to local concert. It’s chill, comfortable yet cute! In my recent style series, I stated that the key to achieving the best concert look is to make sure you are comfortable.  This allows you to enjoy the concert in its entirety! I decided to tie the shirt in the front and pair it with some high wasted black pants and a sage green bomber.



OUTFIT #2 is something I would wear to a day party. This to me screams edgy and unique. To me, a day party is about socializing, having fun and having fun. Therefore, worrying if you’re overdressed or if you might fall because your heels are too high shouldn’t be a concern. Leave that for the nighttime! I decided to leave the shirt in its natural state and pair it with some distressed jean shorts along with a fringe bag and some reflector sunglasses.



OUTFIT #3 is something I would wear to a fashion event. It is chic with a denim twist. When I attend any events within my field I always think of it as a networking opportunity. This is my time to showcase my style and talents to others. Therefore, like most people, I think about my outfit and make sure it fits the occasion as well as makes a statement about me as a stylist. I decided to leave the shirt in its natural state and pair it with a black midi skirt with my favorite cassette tape clutch and a denim button up. I could either wear it around my waste or over my shoulders as shown below.