How to Determine YOUR Personal Style

Determining your personal style is a lot easier than you think. However, a lot of people struggle with finding their personal style because they are too busy trying to copy the fads that they see on social media. The key to finding your personal style is to be true to who YOU are and to what YOU love. Nobody knows you, better than YOU! While its nice to incorporate trends that other people use into your own look, don’t get too wrapped up and lose what makes you unique.

Start off by going into your closet. Take a look and see if there are any reoccurring trends, patterns or colors lying around. This will allow you to get a foundation of what your personal style consists of.

When I looked in my closet, I noticed that I have a lot of black and white; from shirts to dresses to shoes. Therefore, I can assume that those are my go to colors for majority of my looks, as if I didn’t already know that! To me black is so sleek and edgy. It makes your look like effortless yet popping at the same time, and I love it!

I also noticed that I have a ton of chiffon type blouses. In college, one thing my friends used to always tell me was that I loved “flowy shirts”. When we would go to the mall they could always guess that I would have at least one in my bag of purchases from F21, and they would always be right. I didn’t start noticing till after they said something that I had a ton! The reason I love those types of blouses is because it allows me to hide “the girls” as well as any unwanted rolls that may appear from time to time!

The last thing I noticed from looking at my closet was that I have a lot of solid pieces. While I do love abstract, edgy items from time to time, I really enjoy simple solid pieces. The reason is because it allows me to mix and match my wardrobe. Like most females, however, I sometimes suffer with the “I have nothing in my closet” syndrome. Having a plethora of solid items gives me the opportunity to create different looks with the same clothes.

Once you identify the key items you have throughout your closet you can then determine your personal style. For some it may be easy to categorize your style. If you have all the same items or colors within your closet then it’s a no-brainer. However, for some who may have a variety of trends within their closet, it might be difficult to give your style a name. But that’s the beauty in fashion.

So, today I challenge you to take a look in your closet and see what your clothes say about you! Are you edgy, simple, loud, different or all of the above? Feel free to share with me your findings! Stay inspired loves!