Fall 2016 Look Book

Can you believe that Fall is finally here?  Like most, this is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Not so much for the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, because I'm not a fan, but I love fall because this is the time of year where I get the most style inspiration. From my favorite wardrobe stylists and celebs to runway fashion shows by well known designers and even bloggers, everyone always brings their A game for the Fall.

After watching countless runway shows and reading up on the trends, I decided that I would pick my top 4 favorite trends and show you how I would rock them in my everyday life.  While the majority of the clothes were pieces I already had in my closet, I also thrifted a few pieces at my local thrift stores.

Trend #1: Gold Metallic

While shiny gold things were once found within your grandma's "finest" blouse collection , it is now a trend that designers, like Rachel Zoe, showcased during New York Fashion Week. Not only does the trend scream "Look at me I'm shining!", it also screams that you are bold with your wardrobe and not afraid to show the world. I will say, rocking anything metallic these days will be sure to bring attention your way, just wear it proudly and own it! The compliments will be overwhelming!

I got this gold metallic oversized shirt from my local Goodwill for $3.99. I have the bottom 2 buttons button and wore it off my shoulders for a more dramatic effect. I paired it with some simple knee ripped jeans and some cranberry spiked heels from UrbanOG. I decided to keep the accessories simple and rock a cranberry string choker from Forver21.

This look can be worn on a girls night out, or even a chill date night with bae. It gives off a tasteful sexy vibe by exposing the shoulders slightly and adds some spunk to your look.

Trend #2: Turtlenecks & Dresses

I never would've guess that this school girl attire would become a trend that adults would buy into. However, I am not surprised. Designers like, Tory Burch, showcased this trend during New York Fashion Week. This trend allows you to put a casual spin on a sleek, dressy dress, but more importantly it gives you the opportunity to wear some of your favorite short sleeved dresses a little longer.

I got this denim button up dress from my local Goodwill for $4.99. I decided to pair it with one of my favorite stripped Forever21 low-turtlenecks. I a paired this look with a vintage snakeskin clutch from Rusty's closet and a pair of my favorite Zara fringed booties.

This look can be worn during the day to a Fall festival or family outing. It is cute, simple and most importantly comfortable. This look can also be transformed from day to night by added a thigh high black boot.

Trend #3: Shades of Tan

Tan on Tan on Tan has been a trend for quite some time now. The minimalist look is a vibe that a lot of people are leaning towards these days. It gives off simple, yet clean and effortless. Designers like Micheal Kors showcased this trend during New York Fashion Week. Also, we can't forget about Yeezy Season 4. The use of different shades of tan was very prevalent in his show, and I personal was a fan of a few pieces.

This entire outfit was complied from things lying around my closet and in the bottom of my drawers. I put a mesh tan top with some ribbed knee Forevr21 leggings and UrbanOG spiked shoulder jacket. I decided to pair this look with some tan open toe zipper booties and add a splash of color with the blue vintage bag from Rusty's closet.

This look can be worn to a daytime or evening event where you want to showcase your style. It shows that you are up on the current trends and that you are great with layering different textures. Most importantly, it shows that while you may have taken time to put this look together, it looks effortless!

Trend #4: Off-the-Shoulder

Off -the-shoulder vibes is a trend that gained its notoriety over the summer. It's something about the subtle appearance of a woman's silhouette in any way that is captivating. Due to retailers having it in abundance, I'm sure you have at least one item from your summer wardrobe that resembled this trend. I showed off this trend in one of my summer style series looks. Designers like Rebecca Minkoff showcased this trend during New York Fashion Week.

I loved one of the Rebecca Minkoff looks so much, that I decided to do a replica. I took a white off-the-shoulder dress and turned it into a shirt by paring it with a sleek mustard skirt that I thrifted from the local Goodwill. I paired it with a simple gold banded choker, a pair of my favorite Forever21 green suede pumps and a green and black snake skin print clutch from Rusty's closet.

This look can be worn to brunch or daytime upscale event. It is classy, yet sleek and gives off a flirty vibe. The color screams fall and worn in the right lighting will enhance your natural glow!

I hope you were able to get some style inspiration from the looks above. The biggest thing to keep in mind when getting your wardrobe ready for Fall is that you don't have to go out and spend crazy amounts of money to be on trend for the season. Check your closet first! You're likely to find something on trend laying around. Then if you're up to it, head over to your local thrift stores and look around, you'll be surprised at you come across!

Show me your looks for the Fall by posting them on Instagram with the hashtag #inspiredbyFall2016. I will feature some of my favorite looks here on the blog :)

Check out some of the other Fall 2016 trends below:

**Special thanks to my girl Vanessa for assisting me with the my look book . Check out her blog here!