**New Product ALERT** - EDEN BODYWORKS - Peppermint Tea Tree

Everyone has those few small wins that keep them at their current place of employment. Mine happens to be the concept of the "FREE TABLE". If you follow me on my snapchat, you are already aware of the concept of the free table. If not, it's pretty self explanatory and even better than it actually sounds. Every so often, buyers from different departments (Food, Apparel, Health&Beauty, Seasonal, Stationary) will get rid of the samples that vendors have sent them over the last few months.  They empty out their pods and put the items on the break room table to let other employees take whatever they'd like.

The items that you will find on the table vary. Some days you can get toothpaste and deodorant some days you can walk away with speakers for your house. All random, but useful. Now I will warn you, the free table can get a little crazy when there are some good products up for grabs. So you must be aggressive yet with a smile so they don't confuse your aggression as ABGS "angry black girl syndrome".

This week I was able to come across the Peppermint Tea Tree line from EDEN BodyWorks! I am a huge fan of EDEN BodyWorks because it always makes my curls thriveeeee! It was my first time using this combination and I was amazed. I am an absolute fan of anything with peppermint because I love the tingly sensation it gives my scalp. But most importantly my hair was revived and my curls were so cute!

For any of my natural beauties out there looking for a new product to try, I recommend this product for sure! It is lightweight and doesn't leave your hair feeling heavy. I used this combo after a long week of edge control and eco styler gel and my hair has never been better! Try them out today and let me know what you think!

If you need help finding a store near year that carries EDEN BodyWorks, click here! Till next time loves