California Trip


I had to take a break and reminisce on the time when me and a group of my friends went over to the West Coast for my girl Keleigh's 25 birthday! It was the first time for all of us and we were uber excited! We stayed for 4 days in downtown Hollywood in a quaint hotel with a bomb view. On the 3rd night we made a trip up in the hills to a 4 story mansion with a view that was to die for, thanks to our dog LJ!

It's crazy when I sit and think about it, but we were there all that time and the most memorable thing we did was eat. We didn't go on any cool tours, we didn't hit up any museums, we tried the beach but it was too cold. When I say, all we did was really eat, all we did was eat.  It was 10 of us in 3 rooms and it was just too much to manage. It was too many opinions to consider, too many people to wait on and too many attitudes to deal with. While I enjoyed everyone on the trip, one thing I learned is to never travel with more than 4 girls ever, ever, ever again.

We tried the normal tourist spots like In-N-Out Burger, which was not my favorite. We went to Smashburger on our last night and it was actually pretty good, better than In-N-Out in my opinion. For the birthday dinner we dined at the well known SUR Restaurant. I had the best Shrimp Alfredo I've ever tasted.

Then there was brunch! This was the only place I actually had pictures of lol. It was called Ivory on Sunset. I've seen this place numerous times on celebs instagrams, so it was super dope that we actually got to experience it in person. The view was amazing. It overlooked the city and seemed as if we were in a movie. But the food took the prize. Everything was fresh, and so well put together. I had an egg and turkey burrito and a side of guac with fresh fruit! I also got to taste some of the other dishes around like, their legendary french toast. If I was to recommend anything from our trip, brunch at Ivory on Sunset would definitely be it!

Overall, California is everything that people say it is. The people are beautiful, the weather is amazing and the vibe is so gravitating. I look forward to visiting again sometime soon!