Fashion Defined - 6th Concept Show Revealed

Last October at the quaint Studio Cellar in South End, Charlotte got the chance to be formally introduced to Fashion Defined, an entity of A.Bevy, Inc, which is an organization based out of South Carolina whose mission is:

To produce creative + introspective experiences that assist young adults in discovering their passion, path, and purpose.

Aside from meeting the passionate, amazing team that made up Fashion Defined, we also got to experience the presentation of their 6th concept show and the true meaning of fashion through FLIGHT. We learned that fashion has a deeper meaning. It isn't just about how you wear the brands you choose to buy, more importantly, fashion is who we are.

The reoccurring question that was asked that night was: "Why not Fly?" Why not progress and be all that you are set out to be? Why not change the world through your passion? While we all may have fears, and go through the occasional doubts, we are stronger than we think. Once we believe in ourselves and understand our purpose, the sky is the limit. As a creative community we were challenged to use our talents to not only grow within ourselves but to impact the community and evoke change.

That night was so moving. Being in the presence of music artists, designers, photographers, makeup artists, models and bloggers who all had the same urge to fly high was breathtaking. To be honest, I couldn't believe that that was just the introduction. I found myself thinking, "Could Fashion Defined actually follow up with something even better?" Like, is it possible? Well, if you too had those questions, I am here to confirm that they definitely can and... it's coming!


The 6th concept show, entitled RUNAWAY will take place on

February 23rd at 7pm at the Mint Museum Randolph.

I had the opportunity to sit in on a few practices and get the inside scoop about the show and the true meaning behind it all. Now, while I can't give you all the details just yet, what I can say is that this show will be for every race, sex, age and class. No matter who you are or what your story may be, this show will touch your soul.

If you haven't already, you can purchase your tickets here.

Stay tuned for the next post which will include some behind the scenes footage of practice with the models, as well as what a few members of the Fashion Defined Team are looking forward to most with this show.