Journey to NYC

As most millennials, I have realized that my current job is not my passion. If you follow me on social networks, or have checked out my portfolio recently, you can see that I have a passion for wardrobe styling. While I have been apart of shoots within the Charlotte area, I know that in order to further my career, I need to go to the fashion mecca of the United States, N.Y.C.! If you checked out my YouTube "Get to Know Me" video,  you will see that I recently sent my family a creative presentation to persuade them to let me crash with them for a few months when I move!

Ultimately, this will allow me to save more as well as get acclimated to the area. It will also allow me the chance to find the perfect location to live, which will hopefully be close to where I find a job. I can't like when I think about this move and everything I need to do, I get nervous. This will be a drastic change in so many aspects. From moving away from my close family and friends, to getting rid of my car and only using public transportation, to going from fake cold to real cold. All these things and more are going to be different. But change is good right?

I'm ready for all that God has in store for me and I can't wait to see where he takes me!

The next step in this journey to NYC is for me to get my bartending license. I figured this could be a cool way to meet you clients as well as new friends. Also, just in case I get an unpaid internship instead of a full time job, I plan to use this to help bring in some form of revenue.

This will be a journey and I plan to document every single part! I hope you're ready for the adventure as inspiredbykrys takes on NYC #krystoNYC!

Check out my Prezi Presentation here!