26 And Living

Wow, I can't believe that another year has finally come and gone and your girl is officially 26 years old. That means, I no longer fall in the 25 and under crowd, I'm 4 years away from the big 30 and my high school 10 year reunion is in 2 years, yikes! As I sit in my bed, with my ginger + mint tea to ease my stomach from last nights festivities, all I can think about is how great this year has been to me. My brand is gaining traction, I have no drama that I care to entertain, my skin is glowing and my butt is getting big! I mean what more do I need, right?

Seriously, when I actually sit and think about it, this year was filled with nothing but blessings on blessings. Big Sean said it best, "Man it wasn't luck, it was destined." Everything that has occurred in my life, thus far, was planned by God himself and I'm thankful for it all. I've learned to trust him more and he has definitely shown me that once I do that, he will not only open doors for me, he will create doors that I never even thought existed!

If you've been following me since last year, you know I did a post on my 25th birthday of the 25 lessons learned over a #quatercentery. Well, this year, I want to switch it up. I've been reading this one book, that I highly recommend, called "You are a Badass, How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life" by Jen Sincero. One thing that I'm learning about is gratitude. Gratitude is your way of showing God, people or even yourself that you are appreciative of the things that are happening in your life. 

"The more consistently you stay in gratitude and focused on that which is good, the stronger your connection to the Source Energy is, and the more quickly and effortlessly you'll be able to manifest that which is unseen into your reality" - Pg 116

So for my 26 birthday, I decided it's time for me to put this concept into action. God has allowed some amazing things to occur in my life, and I want to take the time to visually make it known!  Here it goes:

26 Things I'm Thankful For

  1. Good Health + Strength

  2. Increased Faith in God

  3. A Mother Who Prays For Me

  4. A Sister Who Acts Like My Second Mom

  5. A Niece Who Looks up to Me

  6. My Cousins Who've Let Me Crash at Their Space in NYC

  7. True Friends Who Keep it Real

  8. The Doors God Allowed to Close

  9. Growing Confidence in Myself and My Abilities

  10. The Ability to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

  11. Being Able to Be Creative

  12. Gaining Notable Experience in the Fashion + Beauty Industry

  13. Being Able to Eliminate my Bad Debit

  14. The Ability to Weed out Fake People

  15. Meeting Genuine People

  16. My Dad's Improving Health

  17. Building a Relationship with My Brothers

  18. Being Able to Laugh

  19. Meeting Influential People in My Field

  20. A Mentor Within my Field

  21. Clear, Vibrant Skin

  22. Natural Curly Hair

  23. No Stressful Relationship Drama

  24. My Ability to Stretch a Dollar

  25. My Part Time Job

  26. The Future and What God Has Planned

Whew! I honestly had a hard time trying to make it only 26 things because God has truly given me a lot to be thankful for. They say so much can happen in a year. As I sit in my cousins basement in Brooklyn, NY, and finish up this post, I get butterflies. A year ago I was working in Corporate America trying to find a way out. I was dealing with so many insecurities physically and mentally. I was upset because I couldn't find love. I was broke but still trying to maintain. I was constantly comparing my chapter 2 to others chapter 20. But now, although I'm not exactly where I want to be, your girl is definitely better!

I want to say thank you to everyone who's reached out to say happy birthday via text, facetime or on social media. It means a lot to me when people are genuinely excited about my life and my journey. And to be honest, you all have been a major part in my growth as a brand and as a woman. I used to be ashamed of my accomplishments because I didn't want people to think I was cocky. When people would compliment me, I would always find a way to turn it around and make it about them. But this last year, I've worked my ass off. And I'm constantly reminded of how far I've come by each and everyone of you, so thank you.

As I enter into 26, I pray that I continue to grow and become the woman God has destined for me to be. No matter how "popping" I may get, I promise to always stay true to who I am and to what I believe. Let my life be a testament of Gods favor when you step out on faith and trust him. Never stop believing! I hope you continue to follow my journey and be inspired.


Love always, Krys