In today's society, if you aren't a doctor, lawyer or teacher then most likely you're one of the luck ones who have the dream of being your own boss. Contrary to popular belief, being your own boss isn't easier, it's actually more work. Yet, as a millennial, working for someone else just isn't in our DNA. We are natural born leaders with creative ideas and sometimes find it hard to follow the directions of others because we are too focused on creating our own.

As a creative, I came to the conclusion that working a boring 9-5, at a desk, was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. So, a few months ago I put in my two week notice and quit my job to come to NYC and follow my dreams. My plan was to become this dope wardrobe stylist for a magazine. So, I started interning as an assistant for different stylists. In the time that I've been here,  I've really been able to build my resume. At the same time, I've also experienced a lot of things to help me determine if I want to move forward with this career path, one being the pay out. While I really enjoy styling, I don't enjoy how long it takes to get paid from each gig. I'm use to knowing when my money will be in my account, instead of having to hassle people and send continuous emails to get an answer. So, I've decided to pursue something where I can earn stable money, and still use my creativity. 

I've switched my focus to developing my brand across all social platforms and ultimately, I  plan to become a well-known influencer within the fashion + beauty industry. I've learned a lot from studying other influencers and by doing research. Yet, I still have a way to go. However, I wanted to share with you 10 things that I've learned so far on this journey to help you build your brand, no matter what industry you are in.  


1. Always carry business cards
No matter where you're going, never leave the house without your business cards. You never know who you'll meet, or what opportunities you'll come across. So it's better to be prepared with your info handy at all times. Although we live in a social media driven world, and an Instagram handle is the next best thing, having a business card to physically hand someone is better. It's more professional and it's something tangible that people can have to remember you by.

2. Someone is always watching, be on it! 
Whether you realize it or not, when you start to grow your brand and put yourself out there, people are watching. Critics, potential business partners, supporters and your peers. Do not give anyone the room to bad mouth your character or your abilities. So, be on it, at all times. Refrain from doing things that will tarnish your brand and hinder you from your ultimate goal. 

3. Go high when others go low.
There will come a time when you will get into a disagreement with someone or someone will just not like you for being you, it's inevitable. The key to handling any issue or disagreement is to remain professional at all times. No matter how petty someone gets, or how disrespectful they may act towards you, don't stoop to their level. Like our former First Lady Michelle Obama stated, "When they go low, we go high!"

4. Use every interaction as an opportunity to network!
You never know who is standing next to you on the subway or in line next to you at Starbucks. They could be the CEO of a major brand, your next potential client or the best friend of a celebrity you've always wanted to work with. Use every interaction as an opportunity to network. Be yourself, of course, and plug yourself. You're your biggest fan. So hype yourself up. Tell them what you do, and don't forget to give them your business card! 

5. Keep your information up to date.
Whether it's your business cards, social media sites or website, you want to make sure to keep all your information up to date. The biggest "uh oh" is giving someone information that they can't use because it's incorrect.  From your latest projects and accomplishments to your contact information, keeping things current will allow your potential clients to know your experience and be able to contact you when they're ready for your services.

6. Know your facts.
When attending events or going to a business meeting, be sure to know your facts ahead of time. Nothing is more impressive than being able to state current projects, partnerships and accomplishments to a potential client. Also, it will allow you to engage more in conversation and it shows that you took the time to do your research. Never go to an event without insta stalking  or checking the LinkedIn account of the host/creator of the event. It's just disrespectful.

7.  Be confident, always!
Confidence is what gets you in the room, your abilities is what keeps you there. You're awesome at what you do, so be confident and believe in yourself. 

8. Keep business and personal separate.
We all have amazing friends who are doing things within our respective fields that we may want to collaborate with. If you can help each other grow and reach your ideal level of success, go for it. However, be sure to keep it professional at all times. Never mix personal feelings or situations in with your business. Not only does it spare friendships, but it allows things to run smoothly. If you feel you can't keep the two separate, I highly recommend steering clear of friends when doing business.  

9. Don't compare yourself! 
In a society where people are constantly posting their accomplishments, it can be discouraging if you aren't where you want to be in your career. When you see people in your field making moves and you haven't quite been able to master it, you can find yourself asking the question, "am I good enough?" The thing to remember is that everyone's journey is different. So please, don't compare your chapter 3 to someone else's chapter 30. Everything that is meant for you will come. Be patient!

10. Grind out
If you want to get to the top, you have to work for it! Success doesn't come easy for most, but that's the fun part. There will be nights that you don't get sleep, or times you'll have to miss the party with your friends. But, you have to ask yourself, "How bad do I want this?" If you want it, then you'll do what it takes. You'll appreciate the top much better, when you've worked hard to get there. So, get to it!


I hope these 10 simple things are helpful to you and your journey of developing your brand. This is going to be the best time of your life, if you let it. Let me know if you have any other tips that you've found helpful along your journey thus far. I'm all about learning and growing in any way I can. 

Till next next time loves.