Dove Master Class with Celebrity Hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez


This past Tuesday, I got the opportunity to be model for a Dove hair event! Yep, you heard it right. After being in New York City for only 2 months, I found a way to work with one of my favorite personal care brands of all time and yes, I was super excited. Doves Multicultural Stylist, Cynthia Alvarez , led an amazing Master Class event to teach beauty editors of well known publications the Do's and Don'ts of dry shampoo. The event was held at Cafe Medi, the most beautiful Mediterranean spot I've ever seen, located in L.E.S.



If you didn't know, Dove has the #1 drug store owned dry shampoo on the market. It's known for it's sweet powdery scent that's packed in a powerful, yet light mists that leaves the hair feeling sleek, clean and noticeably fuller. Not to mention, it gets the job done for an affordable price.

Since I've been natural, I never thought twice to use dry shampoo. Not because I had something against it, but because I honestly didn't think it was for me. Growing up, dry shampoo wasn't a staple product in our household, so I was never introduced to the product nor did I know the actual benefits of using it. So, although I was a model, I definitely learned a lot from Cynthia and thought it was only right that I share it with you!


Dove wants the coily girls to know that they too can use dry shampoo!
— Cynthia Alvarez

Cynthia conducted a live demonstration on how to properly use the dry shampoo on different types of hair, straight, curly and coily (me). For all types of hair, the key to using dry shampoo is to keep your distance (about 8-10 inches) and to focus on the roots. Now the after procedure is what varies by hair type. For straight hair, you want the product to sit for about 2 minutes then you brush from the roots to the ends to disperse the product evenly. For curly hair, you want to stay away from the brush and instead, after two minutes, turn your head over and use your hands to massage the product in and fluff your curls. For coily hair, after two minutes, you want to use your hands and massage the product into your scalp.



  • Spray from a distance

  • Stick to your roots

  • Give it time to work

  • Shake up contents before each use



  • Use on wet hair

  • Use more than 3xs a day

  • Spray on your edges

  • Use as a substitute for washing your hair

My co-hair models for the day  Diana  +  Miguelina

My co-hair models for the day Diana + Miguelina


After she did the demonstration I was super impressed. Not only did my hair feel and smell clean, it was super soft and noticeably fuller. Now, if you're like me and shrinkage is oh so real, the fact that my hair looked bigger after using this product was what really won me over and made me a believer. I will definitely be adding this product into my routine in between washes and you should too; especially If you want to keep your curls popping, but eliminate buildup at the root! Trust me, it actually works!

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