29 Days of Refresh

Can you believe it, 2018 is practically over. Okay, let me kill the dramatics. But to be real, we only have 29 days left in this year. It felt like just yesterday I was saving to go to Jamaica for my friends wedding and now, fast forward 6 months later, I’m here pulling out my winter coats and its technically still fall. The last part is neither here nor there, just felt the need to add that it’s brick here in New York.

$150 gift card.png

As I get prepared to bring in the new year right, I decided that it’s best for me to start now. we always like to mark a new year with resolutions and goals, but do we ever consider that we sometimes have to prepare for those life changes. A good friend of mine reminded me that God gives us a fresh start everyday and it’s up to us to take advantage of it. So, I’ve decided for the next 29 days I will be intentional with living. I came up with 5 things that I will do over the next month to get my mind, body and soul prepared for 2019.

  1. I will talk to God more by reading one chapter in the bible a day.

  2. I will eat clean by only consuming fruits, veggies and occasional fish.

  3. I will strengthen my relationships by showing genuine interest in others lives.

  4. I will be inquisitive by researching things when I am curious or have a question.

  5. I will be financially responsible by eliminating unnecessary spending.

You too can carve out your 29 Days of Refresh by filling in the blanks below! Since this is short term project, I recommend being realistic with yourself when curating your list. Keep your list to no more than 5 things so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to complete it. Also, I’ve learned that positive talk is better so instead of saying “I will not” , make your statements positive.

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Let’s get started today with setting ourselves up for success in 2019. Find a friend or a group of friends to share your list with and help hold you accountable for your #RefreshJourney. Remember, you are your biggest critic and often times your biggest road block. Let’s break that barrier and start 2019 off on a clear note!