5 Things to Stop Wasting Your Time on in 2018


Wow, can you believe we're one month into the new year? To be honest, it feels like yesterday was just Christmas, and now I'm getting my content calendar together for February. As they say, "time flies when you get older!" But seriously, when you're on a mission time is of the essence. Whether you're working on building a brand, trying to land that promotion with the corner office, knocking out your last semester in graduate school or finding your way, your waking hours are vital in your journey to success.

I always find myself wishing I had more hours in the day, but then I ask myself am I being productive with the hours I already have? And to be honest, I'm not. I'm guilty of spending my time doing a lot of unneeded things that are in no way helping me be a better me. From countless gossip with my friends, constantly scrolling on social media and even something as simple as worrying about things I can't control, I realized the other day that I waste a lot of time doing absolutely nothing.

The reality is, we only have 24 hours in a day so why waste it on things, people or even situations that don't add value to your life, money to your pocket or experience to your resume? I decide to create a post highlighting 5 things I need to stop wasting my time on in 2018. I could've wrote this down in a notebook or put it on my vision board, but I wanted to hold myself accountable for the remainder of the year. And putting it out for the world to see is definitely one way to do just that. So, here it goes:

1. Questioning Someone's Success

It happens more often than you think. Sometimes it happens subconsciously while your scrolling down your social media. You see someone from your hometown, college or even high school and you automatically think "How Sway?" They are moving up in their career and making moves you secretly wish you could make. Then you find yourself discrediting their accomplishments and throwing shade. The thing is, you weren't there during their journey so you don't know what all they had to do to get to that point. And quite frankly, it's none of your business. Stop focusing on how they did x,y and z and focus on your next move. Remember, everyone's journey is different. God has a specific plan for your life, so worrying about the next person's success isn't going to do anything but hinder you from moving forward!


2. Getting Lost on Social Media

As a Blogger/Influencer, my job is to be in the know when it comes to certain topics. Whether it be the latest trend, the newest product or life advice shared by Oprah, I use social media to stay up to date. However, time and time again, a morning scroll can go from an intentional 10 minutes to an unnecessary 1 hour and I end up looking at who's dating who in hip hop. Trust me, it's easy to get lost in the sauce on social media. Especially when you find a funny meme made by a cute guy who is friends with your old roommate and knows Cardi B. However, you have to fight the urge. Give yourself strict time limits to be on social media along with specific tasks. Once those are complete and the time is up, move on!

3. Things You Cant Control

Why is it that we always stress the most over the things we have no control over? It must be a psychological thing but I find myself doing it more and more these days. I know I'm no where near perfect, but I like to strive to give my best at everything I do. However, there are times when life just happens. When the unthinkable begins to occur, you have to learn to roll with it. No, it definitely won't be easy but it will keep you sane and focused on what's to come. Worrying about the one thing you can't control can cause you to miss the blessing that God had for your all along. So understand that when things don't go as plan, it's for a reason. Don't stress it, keep going!

4. Past Situationships + Tarnished Friendships

We all have those ex's that just weren't good for us. No matter how much we'd like to tell ourselves that "they just weren't ready", the reality is, they weren't it.. period. So why entertain them in your present when they did nothing but hurt you before? It just doesn't make sense. As females, we always want to have that forgiven spirit but the key is to forgive and move on, not forgive and let back in. That same mentality should go for the friendships that just didn't work out. The thing to realize is that everyone isn't meant to stay in your life forever. Some are for a season and that's okay! In order to have a prosperous future, you must learn how to leave the past in the past!

5.  Gossip In the Group Chat

We are all guilty of doing this, it's the way of millennials. I mean if you aren't sending screenshots in a group chat and laughing hysterically at the gifs that follow, then... good for you. I can't lie it's definitely a great form of entertainment when the day is dragging by. But, it doesn't make it right. Think if the shoe was on the other foot and you were being put in someone's group chat, (which we all are) would you like it? I know I wouldn't, especially if the jokes are as good as my friends. Not only is this wrong, it's a pure waste of time. Imagine what you could be getting checked off your to-do lists if you spent less time taking screenshots of people from social media. Easier said than done, but try!

Remember time is of the essence people so we need to use it wisely! Take a moment and really think about how you spend your time. Are you using every second of the day to better yourself, or are there areas where you can improve? I'm sure everyone has their own 5 things that they specifically need to stop wasting their time on. Maybe you can relate to one of the five I shared or maybe you have something new. Feel free to share in the comments below. Let me know something you're going to stop wasting your time on for the remainder of the year!

Till next time loves