In the past, and still to this day, the media is known to shy away from appreciating the beauty that we as black women poses. From the way we rock our hair to our melinated skin, our beauty is heaven sent. Yet, due to lack of education, mixed with a hint of jealousy, society continuously tries to mask our natural beauty instead of embrace it. Luckily, my generation is all about #blackgirlmagic and we celebrate who we are as Black Women in America; beautiful, confident, strong and talented. Honestly, excuse my language but we're flat out the shit! In the back of our minds, we always knew it, but it's refreshing when brands come around and solidify it for us.

She'Neil Johnson , Founder of Base Butter

She'Neil Johnson , Founder of Base Butter

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This past Saturday, I got the chance to attend The Glow Up Relaunch for Base Butter, a dope natural skincare line created by She'Neil Johnson. By providing women of color with access to quality products developed by and for them, She'Neil founded Base Butter with the mission to inspire women to discover, protect, and love the beauty they were born with.

At The Glow Up, we were introduced to the enhanced formulas for their core body and facial moisturizers: LOVE, RADIATE, GLOW, and SHINE! My absolutely favorite out of the 4 would have to be LOVE which is an aloe vera + shea whipped body cream. Being that I have ezcema, and my skin needs consistent moisture, thicker creams are my go to! When I tested it out, it left my skin feeling soft and super hydrated. I was in love!

Aside from testing out the products, I got to mingle with some dope black girl bosses with various professional backgrounds from all walks of life. From Designers and Stylist, to PR Consultants, Graphic Designers and Radio Hosts, every woman in the room was inspiring. The energy was positive and I gravitated to each woman that I got the chance to converse with.

House Of Bricks

House Of Bricks


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Thanks to House Of Bricks for adding to the experience and supplying the connects. I go to eat some amazing bites crafted by Bianca Tylier and vibe out to the sounds of DJ Tru Violet. If you were able to catch mynsta stories, then you got to see firsthand how much fun I had. I can never say it enough, but events like these are why I love New York City so much.


Like every event, you know I have to capture the fashion with my own lens. Check out some of my fashion favs below.