Everything is Figure-out-able


Imagine this, you just treated yourself to something nice after securing a client you’ve been in negotiaitons with for a while. This will be one of your biggest contracts to date and you’re ready to get to work. A few days go by and you haven’t gotten a response to any of your emails. Then, a week later the founder reaches out and says due to budget constraints they will create their content “in house”. You begin to panic and question God because you’re confused. You did everything right on your end so why weren’t things falling in place? You start to compare yourself to all of your friends in real life and on social who are living life, excelling in their careers and traveling the world and you get discouraged because you start to wonder if that will ever be you.. Then you get a call from your friend and she tells you that her dad passed away.

Sometimes in life, you can get really discouraged and think as if you are the only one going through things or experiencing hardships. If you’re not careful, social media can cause you to think that everyone is living the perfect life with no problems and you’re the only one struggling or going through it. The fact of the matter is, you’re not alone and to be real, someone else is going through it even worse. 

We all experience low points in life and find ourselves questioning certain things. It’s natural. The key to getting through is to understand that no matter how hard a situation may seem or how lost you may feel at the moment, everything is figure-out-able. Yes, you read it right, I used a made up word (thanks to my best friend) but it’s so true!

The other day, while on the phone during our routine updates, I was telling him how I felt lost and overwhelmed and how things just seemed to be crumbling for me and falling in place for others.. I was having a hard time finding consistent creative work and I started to question my career choices. Creatively, I was in a funk and to make matters worst, I lost a deal I had worked hard to secure. I didn’t know if I would be able to find two new roommates before my landlords deadline and I had no deposit money saved for a new place. In the mix of it all, my self-esteem was low and I couldn't find the energy to snap out of it After going in for about 30 minutes straight, he simply said “ Krystal, everything is figure-out-able! No matter the severity of the situation, there’s nothing too big or too difficult to figure out. You’re been through worst and still came on top. You can do it!”


I started to think about all of the events that occurred in my life over the past year and realized that he was right.  A year ago when I  didn’t know if I was going to be able to stay in New York because I couldn’t find a place, let alone sign a lease by myself since I was freelance, I figured it out. When I wasn’t working consistently and I started to get overwhelmed with bills, I figured it out. When the first venue canceled on me for my Cupcakes & Coils event, you guessed it, I figured it out.

Now of course, I’m not taking any credit for this because God definitely figured it out before me. The point to be made is that, no matter how difficult something may seem or how unsure you are about a certain thing it can and will be figured out! There is no need to stress, especially when you have God on your side and he’s brought you through things time and time again. 


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Phillippians 4:13

This is the verse that my mom has written in every birthday card since I can remember. I find it to be very helpful when I’m going though a phase and feeling weak or not enough. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our problems and forget who we belong to as children of God, myself included. But understand that he will never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6) While it may feel as if we are alone during our trials know that he is right there and has already figured it all out on our behalf. 

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Photography: CollectiveFrames | Hat: Target | Shirt: Princess BK | Pants: H&M