Fashion After Dark

This past Saturday, thanks to Brand Experience Charlotte, we got the chance to experience a mixture of fashion, art and eclectic vibes at Fashion After Dark. This event was created to bring together residents of Charlotte and surrounding areas to showcase local talent that represented poise, quality and more.

Entering into the all white the room, draped with white lights, I immediately begin to wonder what the night would entail. As I walked around and admired the art work by Darryl Hurts I was blown away. From Lauren Hill to Muhammad Ali to Rhianna and even to my girl Sade, so much homage was being given in that one room and it was amazing. Each picture told a story that was deeper than what the eye could see. What I loved most was the different types of media that were used to compile one piece. It was breathtaking to say the least.

As the night began, and guests started to fill the room, you heard the tunes of DJ Chase playing in the background to get everyone in the right mood. There was no formal introduction that said the event started, instead a single model began to strut from the backroom and took her stance at the front corner. As the night continued, models took place all over the room showcasing their looks. The women were draped in pieces from Dressing Room Boutique and Magnolia Emporium while the men were ever so dapper in SilverFly.

One thing I loved most about the event was the vibe of the people. To have designers, hairstylist, photographers, bloggers, painters and other types of creatives all in one room viewing art and talking fashion was amazing. Not only was the networking lit, but the conversations were very inspiring.

Samuel (Sam)  Polley, also known as Mr. SOC, is the Creative Coordinator for Brand Experience Charlotte. When I arrived early, he was helping to get things set up and running through the details with the models. Although I could tell his mind was going a mile a minute, when we spoke for the first time he was not only engaged in conversation but he was genuine and he did everything with a smile. He did inform me that Fashion After Dark will be held three times throughout the year. Therefore, be on the lookout for the release of the next date coming soon! As far as Brand Experience Charlotte, they have some great things in store for the city. While he couldn't disclose specifics, Sam was sure to let me know that the upcoming events will continue to contribute to Charlotte's fashion scene as well as the community.

Overall, the event was amazing. Seriously, my pictures don't do it justice. This was something you needed to see and feel for yourself. So, if you weren't able to attend this one, make it your mission to attend the next!

The proceeds from this event were donated to Carolina's Fashion Organization (CFO), a non-profit created t bring fresh and innovative step by step garment construction and design programs to the residents of NC and SC.