Hair Conversations 101

If you know me, then you know that I love to change my hair! As a kid, I always got the typical roller sets, a.k.a doobies, whenever I went to the salon.  Now this definitely wasn't my first choice. But, If Glenda was paying for it, it had to be normal. And when I say normal, I mean no color, no additives, just natural. She wouldn't let me get anything too crazy unless I paid for it on my own. So, I decided to go the cheaper route and get the typical hairstyles till I had no choice but to pay for my hair.

Graduation Party with my First Quick Weave

Graduation Party with my First Quick Weave

I'll never forget, the first time I was able to step outside the box with my hair, I got a quick weave, for my high school graduation! It was bone straight and jet black. Honey, you couldn't tell me nothing, okay! It was only 14" long, but it was new and I was feeling ever moment of it! Not only did I look good, but I felt like a new person and I loved the way that it made me feel. Ever since then, I've had an obsession with changing my hair.

To be honest, I get bored quick. So, I probably change my hair every other month. Whether it's out in it's natural state or in a protective style, I'm always finding something new to do my hair. Most recently, after moving up to New York, I started to pay attention to how I'm treated when I wear my natural hair versus how I'm treated when my hair is "long and luscious" as my best friend would say. The difference is evident, especially when it comes to guys and to be real, it's sad. The thing is I still have the same face and same personality, the only thing different is my hair. So, you would think that would count for something, right? Nope!

My main concern with this, is that it's not setting a good example for the younger generation. After talking with my baby cousin, whose only 15, she's had almost 2 sewins already. When I asked her why did she want it so bad, she said it's because her boyfriend liked it. First of all she's too young to be thinking about what a boy thinks of her appearance. Second, is he paying for it? Uh no. It's sad to see that she believes that in order for her to be loved her hair has to be down her back. So, I try to let her know that in the future, since she doesn't need to be thinking about boys right now, the boy who is for you will love you as you are. No weave needed!

In the back of my mind I always laugh when I meet a guy because little do they know, 9 times out of 10 the next time we meet I'll look totally different. And that will never change! My hair is what sets me apart and it's what makes me, me! So, to the man who is considering shooting his shot with the kid, know that this will never change. Mark my words, when I reach 100 years old, I'll have the best wig game in the senior citizens community!

For all of you out there who are interested in switching up your hair, but may be a little hesitant that you might not like it, my advice is to try a wig or get some extensions first. The great thing about today is that there are so many ways to switch up your hair without really switching up your hair. And wigs are a great way to start. You can check out my latest wig review + tutorial on YouTube here!