My First Official Summer in NYC is Complete!

Current Mood: Blessed + Highly Favored


As I sit in my Bed-stuy apartment, with the amazing natural sunlight and exposed brick listening to the hustle and bustle of a Friday afternoon in Brooklyn, all I can do is smile.  I can’t believe that this is my first time picking up my computer to write in five months. To be real, I had been pushing it off so much that I tried to make myself forget that I had a blog. Crazy, I know. But now, I’m actually at a place of genuine happiness and it feels good. I’m getting booked consistently for some pretty dope gigs, I love my new apartment and my relationships are flourishing more than ever.

If you’ve followed my journey via social media, you know that my life this spring/summer has been a true definition of a roller coaster. From my apartment search, to finding work, to dealing with family issues and my first encounter with depression, life was a lot. There were times when I wanted to pack up my stuff and go back home or better yet just disappear and never come back. I wasn’t myself and everyone around me could see it. I started to have a negative outlook about everything and it began to affect every aspect of my life. It’s true when they say that your words have power over your life. (Proverbs 18:21)

I was speaking so much negativity that things really started to get bad for me. It was weird. Every apartment I found somehow fell through. I started to feel ugly in my own skin and work was far and few in between. After realizing that power definitely lies in the tongue, I had to snap out of it. I knew that God didn’t bring me up to NYC to fail. While I was worrying, God had a different plan. He was working behind the scenes to make sure I understood that he would always keep me. I started to focus more on the positive and things quickly began to change.

Fast-forward to now, a few months later, I just completed my first assisting gig on a music video with Maxwell, I’ve been confirmed for 11 days in October with my favorite e-comm team Brooks Brothers and I’m getting things back rolling with my blog and content creation. I’m thankful to say the least. As summer comes to a close and I look back on how far God has brought me, I decided to make a blog post highlighting 5 things I’ve learned while going through my rough patch here in NYC. I hope to help someone who may be in a similar situation. Here it goes:

1.     Pray And Have Faith

In order to get through any situation in life, prayer must be in the equation. Talk to God like you talk to your friends and ask for guidance. Yes, he knows what you’re going through but he wants you to build that relationship with him so that you can begin to fully trust that he’s got you. At the same time, while your praying, you must have faith and know that God is working on your behalf.

2.     The Journey Is What Makes You Strong


You may find yourself asking the question “Why Me Lord?” Like majority of us, you’d rather life be easy with little to know issues. Well, that’s not how things work and to be honest you don’t want to be that person who never had to experience real life. When you’re finally famous and able to tell your story, it’ll be boring if you say that you just got handed everything, right? So know that each situation is apart of your story. Understand that everything that happens to you in life is to better prepare you for the next chapter that God is bringing you to.

3.     Talk To Someone

Keeping your problems inside is not healthy. Yes, talking to God is a must, but sometimes, we need to talk to someone who can respond in real time. Whether it’s your closest friends, your parents or siblings, an elder person you respect or even a psychologist, talking to someone will help to relieve you of some of the stress and it’ll help you to think things through. Be mindful to talk to people you trust has your best interest at heart and will give you logical advice.

4.     It’s Okay To Cry

You’re human, and life can become a lot it’s normal. Don’t think you have to always be strong. Sometimes a good cry can help to release some of the tension you’re experiencing and it can help to clear your mind from the clutter. Take a few moments and get it out. Regroup and move forward. Now, don’t make it habit to cry everyday but one good cry here and there will do you some good! 

5.     This Too Shall Past

There will always be light at the end of the tunnel, if you allow it. Understand that everyone experiences tough times, but they don’t last forever. Keep pushing, keep having faith and never let your circumstances determine your outcome.  Trust that God loves you enough to bring you through whatever you are going through and brighter days are on the horizon.


Well loves, I hope you enjoyed this post. If just one person is able to snag a gem that can help them with their current journey through life, I’ll be happy. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Your story is already written and God is 2.0 seconds away from blowing your mind. Till next time summer. Fall, what’s good?





Krystal Benson