This past Memorial Day weekend, I got the chance to take a trip to New Orleans, better known as NOLA or the birthplace of the hot boy himself, Weezy F Baby. A total of 15 of us, yep you read it right, 15 of us traveled from various parts of the United States and decided to explore New Orleans together over our extended weekend. When I tell you that this was one of the best trips that I’ve ever experienced, it was amazing!  All of the people who attended the trip were dope. The vibes were gravitating and the energy that everyone had was something that I will never forget.

We rented an AirBnB located 10 minutes from the heart of Bourbon Street. I would highly recommend doing the same thing if you are traveling with a large group because it helped to keep costs low even though it was a holiday weekend. In total we spent $150 a piece on a 4 day, all-inclusive stay at this airbnb.


Top 5 Fashion Tips When Traveling to New Orleans

1.     Comfortable is Key

When walking on Bourbon St. It’s not about being cute. It’s about being comfortable. I learned from living in Savannah, that flats are your best friend when it comes to cobblestone. It prevents you from falling and making a fool of yourself if you happen to indulge in the hand grenades or hurricanes.

2.     Bring at least 2 outfits Per Day

If you and your group have eventual days planned, it’s best to have at least 2 outfits per day. 9 times out of 10, if you are going during the hot months, you will sweat even if you aren’t a sweat-er. So, bringing 2 outfits will prevent you from having to stay in the same clothes the entire day. Remember being prepared is always best!  

3.     Colors and Prints are a MUST

If you’re into taking scenic pictures on vacation, bold colors and unique prints are definitely a must while in Nola! With the colorful buildings on Bourbon St. and the eclectic vibe all throughout the French Quarter, a statement outfit is sure to make any picture you take pop!

4.     Leave the Jeans at Home

It’s hot…. as hell, so please leave the jeans at home.  Seriously, even if it miraculously happens to be a breeze one day, the breeze will be hot. My mom is a believer that you must always come prepared, but trust me jeans are not needed in those Nola streets.

5.     Accessories are Key

One thing I noticed about everyone on the trip is that they definitely brought it when it came to the accessories! From the guys to the girls, it was the subtle details that definitely helped to take their looks from 0 to 100!

One of my favorite festivities while in New Orleans was our 'Ole Nola' themed dinner at Emeril's. We decided to be extra and come dressed for the occasion in our own interpretation of old school chic. The guys were dapper and the ladies were definitely flawless. Aside from the looks, this was the night everyone really got to know each other on a deeper level. As we sat at the table, we were led in a group discussion (thanks to Keio a.k.a. Nurse Joyy) on naming 3 things we were thankful for. It was amazing to see how people opened up and answered the question. It put things into perspective for me and showed me that these are the types of people I need to travel with go forward. Ones who inspire, motivate and challenge you to be better all while having a great time!

  Check out some of the groups fashions below:

I wasn’t able to try all the “must have” foods that people say you should get when going to New Orleans. One thing I did try was the beignets and honestly, I was disappointed. I had the chance to try them both in the airport and at Café Du Monde, and I prefer the ones in Savannah, Ga at Hueys. While the beignets weren’t a hit, the rest of the things I ate were pretty appetizing.

Gulf Fish St. Peter's @ Ruby Slipper Cafe

Gulf Fish St. Peter's @ Ruby Slipper Cafe

Granola & Yogurt @ The Country Club

Granola & Yogurt @ The Country Club

Pan Roasted Louisana White Shrimp @ The Country Club

Pan Roasted Louisana White Shrimp @ The Country Club

Although I got the superlative of “Always being sleep”, this trip will go down in the books as the best memorial day trip I’ve ever experienced! While I would love to give you a day-by-day play of everything that took place, I am unable to due to some of the restrictions of the board. However, here’s a brief recap of our adventures below:

Check out a brief recap of our adventures below: