NYFW 2017


As you know I am planning to move to New York in the spring to pursue my career in fashion. While I haven't made it to the city yet, I wanted to figure out a way to continue to build my network aside from social media. One day, while working my 9-5, I came to the conclusion that I needed to try and find a way to get to NWFW. Now for all who may not know anything about fashion week in general, it is the place where all fashion lovers can gain inspiration and catch the upcoming trends that well known designers are introducing or bringing back in style. For some time I'd always looked at fashion week as the unthinkable. It was definitely a dream of mine, but I never thought that I would actually attend a show or be involved in any way. Well, as you can see by the title of this post, I was able to make that dream a reality!

Check out my latest vlog below to learn how I made it up to New York Fashion Week and to get a glimpse into what my 4 day adventure was like in the City.



Out of all the designers that I got to see during fashion week, I would have to say that Nicholas K, the designer who I volunteered with, and Christine Andresen, the creative mind behind Antidote, were by far my favorite. Nicholas K looks gave off a minimalist vibe with a twist of urban chic. There show, entitled Built From Scratch, was based around the 90s, which was a decade of diversity and unity. This decade was also the golden age of hiphop.  From the way the models hair was styled to the side with a clip on the bang, to the music that we heard by DJ Rob Swith + Latash Alcindor, the entire vibe of the show screamed 90s. The clothes either had dramatic layering, pockets or folds and the accessories were big and bold. I personally loved all the metallic shoes that were used throughout the presentation.

Now when it came to Christine Andresen and her presentation of Antidote I was just taken away by how dramatic some of the looks were. From the shoulder height to the length of the sleeves, the structure of all the looks gave me a avant-garde vibe. Very modern yet chic. I really loved the way she constructed all of the knit garments. They were so detailed that it was mind blowing to know someone could actually come up with something so amazing. There was one piece in particular that blew my mind. It was the very last piece that she had walk the runway. The knee length dress was all cream wool like material belted at the waist. The wow factor was the amazing shoulders of this dress. It seemed as if individuals pieces of fabric were put together so many times that it created this puffer effect and I was here for it all!

If you followed me on snap or IG and you saw my story of my flight back home getting cancelled, you would know that I as so upset. I was honestly ready to get back to the south and take a break from the snow and long commutes on the train, but God had another plan and honestly I am thankful. Since my flight got cancelled I spent my last day in the city at some more shows with some pretty dope people. Tasha is a Blogger for TashJMackk and Freelance PR Consultant located in Charlotte, NC. Christin is a Stylist and Fashion Blogger for SophisticatedChicBlog located in Baltimore, MD. Tonae is a Blogger and Lead Stylist for Style Fanatic located in Washington DC. Alan, the shooter behind our subway pic (right), is the photographer behind Stewdio Photography located in the Maryland area. What I enjoyed most about meeting up with these creatives is that they are all driven in their craft. They know what they want and they are making moves to ensure that their brands are known. Be sure to check out their respective sites and show love, because they are definitely on the rise. I look forward to working with them all in the near future! 

During and after my journey up to NYC, I had a lot of people reach out to me asking for advice about getting into NYFW and just tips in general. Now, while I am far from an expert, I would say that I definitely learned some things. I could give you an entire list of do's and dont's but for the sake of time, I'll keep it short and sweet.

5 Simple Tips to Remember When Attending Your First NWFW

  1. Bring Your Camera - I noticed that when any staff person running the show sees a camera they automatically think you're with a well known blog, a fashion company or just important in general. People love cameras and any chance they get to get a photo opp, they will. Therefore, if you don't have a physical ticket to get into the show, bringing your camera increases your chances of getting press credentials or being able to just slide into an open seat at a show without the awkward "who are you" stare. 
  2. Learn the Act of Finagling - In the world of fashion it is all about who you know. Yet, there may be times where you don't know the right people yet, so you have to learn to fake it. You have to carry yourself as if you belong in front row of all the shows. Be confident and never count yourself out.
  3. Stay Close to the Events - Majority of the fashion week events happen in Manhattan. Therefore, I recommend staying as close as possible to the events to help cut down on your commute time. This will help give you a place to take naps and rest your feet in between shows. Trust me traveling back and forth to the different boroughs will get draining.
  4. Dress For the Occasion - It's fashion week so dress to kill. Wear those outfits that you wouldn't wear on a daily. Think outside the box and have fun with your wardrobe. This can help spark conversation with other fashion lovers and possibly lead to getting your picture taken for the blog.
  5. Network - This is your time to build your network and hopefully meet those right people in the industry. Be sure to bring your business cards and actually give them out!  You never know who can help you in your journey. Therefore, use every encounter that you have as an opportunity to network.

Overall, my experience with NYFW 2017 was one I will never forget. It showed me that of course its all about who you know in the industry. But most importantly, this trip showed me that I can honestly do anything I set my mind to. Despite the blizzard I experienced and the numerous subway rides from Brooklyn to Manhattan, I had the time of my life. I look forward to the next fashion week this upcoming fall! Hopefully, by that time, I'll be living in the city instead of coming for a visit!

Till next time loves <3