The Best Facial Oil for Any Type Of Skin

Recently, I've been experiencing some really random breakouts on my face. I've been drinking a lot of water and still using my vitamin e oil, so for a while I was really confused as to what was going on. After tracking my food intake and being mindful of what I put on my skin, I've came to the conclusion that it's my environment. No matter how good you eat or how much water you may drink, if your skin isn't accustomed to a particular type of weather, breakouts can occur.

Coming from the south where the temperatures aren't has harsh as they are up north, I wasn't used to continuously moisturizing my face. Being that I have eczema, I'm always sure to keep my body moisturized, but my face slipped the memo. After getting the breakouts and not being able to get rid of them as quickly as I would like. I started to do some research on natural face oils that are good for your skin and health. I wanted to find a company that was homegrown, all natural and supporting a bigger cause. When I finally stumbled across Pouring Out, I knew I had found the one I wanted to try.




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Pouring Out is a family owned company created by Casey and Vanessa Rodriguez. After traveling the world they discovered the benefits of essential oils. They realized the harm that synthetic products caused on the body and decided to substitute the fake for natural, handmade products. Also while being overseas, they developed a passion for helping others in need. They realized that there is a need to reach the lost in the world: those suffering from the after effects of war, those running from or to sex slavery, or those working out the complications of foster care. And their purpose in life is to bring hope to these by encouraging, empowering and supporting believers of Christ around the world and in their community. 

Through the encouragement of their friends and family, they created Pouring Out to share their talents with the world all while helping a bigger cause. Part of the profit received from Pouring Out Facial Oils will go toward the refugee crisis both locally and across seas, or it will help a foster child go to summer camp, or it will help victims get back on their feet after being rescued from the sex trade.

Learn more about the brand and their mission here.

As we pour out oils, we plan to pour out support.
— Casey + Vanessa Rodriguez



I've been using the Pouring Out Facial Oil, twice a day, for the last week and I've seen tremendous improvement in my skin. I haven't had any new breakouts and the dry spots where previous breakouts were, are starting to disappear. The oil is super light so whether I put it on during the day or night, my face doesn't feel weighed down with product. And the smell is AMAZING!

The active ingredients and their benefits are as follows:

Sweet Almond Oil-  is rich in Vitamin E. It is light in texture, and can easily penetrate deep into the skin, softening and dislodging the dirt and debris accumulated in the skin pores. This helps to prevent blackheads and acne. It also helps to remove the dark circles that come under your eyes and aids in the relief of Eczema & Psoriasis. Being a mild, hypoallergenic oil, it moisturizes the skin without irritating it further.

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Carrot Seed Oil- is high in antioxidants, which makes it a great anti-aging ingredient. It aids in helping to protect your skin from environmental stressors such as sun and extreme cold. It gives skin just enough moisture without clogging pores, making it perfect for all skin types.

Geranium - is used to treat acne, reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety and balance hormones. This sweet-smelling oil can also uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness.

Lemon Oil - has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which makes it a great cleaner. It helps to improve your complexion and leave your skin soft and supple by deeply nourishing.

German Chamomile Oil- is designed to improve dry, inflamed or irritated skin by penetrating deep into the layers of your skin where its potent anti-inflammatory action can restore and soothe irritated skin, mouth ulcers, burns, bruises and other skin conditions.

Lavender Oil- is an oil with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can fight the bacteria that cause acne and inflammation. It helps to reduce the itching and systems of eczema as well as helps to rid insect bites. Lavender also acts as a toner for your skin firm. It boosts circulation, thus resulting in an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells.

Rosemary Oil - helps to protect the skin cells from damage often caused by sun and free radicals. It helps in toning the skin and removing dryness as well as eliminate eczema, dermatitis, oily skin, and acne





STEP ONE: Apply the Detox Charcoal Black Mud Mask all over your face and let sit for 20 minutes.

STEP TWO: Remove mask gently with a warm rag.

STEP THREE: Wash your face with the Pearl Essence Aloe + Charcoal Facial Cleanser using a facial brush.

STEP FOUR: Pat your face dry with a soft towel.

STEP FIVE: Pump 3-4 squirts of Pouring Out Facial Oil in your hand and gentle massage in your face in a circular motion.