BrownGirlsLove Power Day 2018 Recap


This past Saturday, I got the chance to attend the 3rd annual Power Day event hosted by Brown Girls Love here in New York City. Due to the recent snow storm that plagued the city, you would've thought that attendance would be a little scarce. Yet, as a walked up to the venue at 10 am, I was greeted by an abundance of brown girl love. There were girls of all different shapes, sizes, hair textures and fashion sense in the room with the one commonality of being uniquely beautiful and brown. I can't lie, coming to the event alone, I was a tad nervous. And representing my brand as press made me a little anxious as well. But as I looked around the room, I felt the positive vibes. Every girl there came with the mission to learn, grow and become better for 2018. So, as I took my seat and prepared for the start of the event I realized everything was going to be okay!

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Power Day was created by Christina Brown, the founder of Love Brown Sugar, with the mission to inspire and empower millennial women of color to embrace their purpose one day at a time. The main purpose for this event is to provide valuable tools needed to help female entrepreneurs master the art of building a brand. Through a combination of workshops and panel discussions lead by some movers and shakers within the community, each attendee is exposed to tips on branding, finance, entrepreneurship, and self-care.



There's a stigma that you can never really have it completely together until you've reached your mid thirties. Well these amazing women have disregarded that stereotype and proven that age is nothing but a number when it comes to reaching your goals!


Left to Right: Gia Peppers is an On-Air Talent + Journalist. Jade Kendle is a Digital Influencer and the face behind LipsticknCurls. Gracie J is a celebrity nail artist and the curator behind The Editorial Nail. Emmelie De La Cruz is a Digital Marketing Strategist

One thing I really loved about these ladies was that they kept it real. They didn't sugarcoat their struggles or their triumphs. When asked about a struggle they had to endure when it came to growing their brands, they all stated that it wasn't easy. But they reassured us that if you trust God, live in your purpose and have faith the unthinkable will occur! Another thing I loved about these ladies is that they didn't dumb down their accomplishments. They stated their accolades with no hesitation and with confidence.

"Don't empower people who have opinions on things they aren't going to execute" - Emmelie De La Curz




Whoever thinks that a woman can't manage both kids and a business must not know what women are truly capable of.  These women not only have successful brands that are steadily growing, but they have families too. They are prime examples that as women, if you want it, you can have it all!


Left to Right: Melanie White is a Brand Strategist and the founder of Melanie Marie + Anndrewmarie. Dreena Whitfield is the founder of WhitPR. Kim Roxie is the founder of LAMIK BeautyMia Ray is the founder of Glamholic Lifestyle.

Although I'm not a mother yet, it was great to learn tips on how to balance being both a mom and business owner. One thing they touched on that really spoke to me was the need for self-care. As moms, there will be days where you may become overwhelmed with trying to multi-task both your family and your brand. When it starts to seem like too much, reset. Take a day for yourself and do what it is that relaxes you. Self-care is different for each person and it can be as simple as taking a bath. Whatever it may be, do it. Always carve out time for you!




In this generation, podcasts have become the wave and they are here to stay. These outspoken women have created platforms to ensure their voices will always be heard! They've create spaces to teach women of color that it's okay to be vulnerable and a bad-ass in one conversation.


Left to Right: Nicaila Matthews Okome is a Digital Influencer and the host of Side Hustle Pro Podcast.  Rana Campbell is a Digital Influencer and the host of Dreams in Drive podcast. Sottie Beam is a Radio Personality and co-host of Black Girl podcast. Charli Penn is the Senior Digital Lifestyle and Relationships Editor, ESSENCE and co-host of ESSENCE Magazine's Yes Girl podcast.

I'm sort of late when it comes to this podcast thing, and honestly I don't know why. I'm an avid YouTube series watcher, so this is somewhat the same just without the visuals, right? Well hearing these ladies speak was nothing but empowering. One thing they touched on was the importance of collaboration. Of course collaborating with other brands or women in the industry allows you to tap into their market and gain new followers. But the main goal for collaborating should be to learn and become better in the process.

"The best way to develop your personal brand is to decide what it is you want to be known for and then become known for that!" - Nicaila Okome

"Before we were in the audience, but now we are on the stage!" - Rana Campbell



Overall, I had an amazing time at the Power Day event. I learned a lot from each panel. So, I decided to list the major points below:

  • God MUST to be in your vision making process in order to truly reach your full potential.

  • Treat your side hustle like your 9 to 5 if you want to see growth.

  • Be confident in yourself!

  • Don't worry about another persons journey. What's for you is for you!

Aside from learning some valuable lessons, I also realized that I need to let a few things go in order to truly develop my brand in 2018:

  • Self-doubt and the fear of not being enough.

  • People who constantly discourage or doubt your vision.

If you missed out this year, because you waited too late to grab your tickets or had to cancel due to the weather, there's always next year. So, since you decided to read my post all the way down to the last line, I have some exciting news!!! Mark your calendars because on January 5, 2019 Power Day will return! Be sure to follow the Brown Girls Love movement on social media to stay current on all the updates!



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