Self Care & The Millennial

Self Care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health.

As black women in America, we are taught to work hard. We go to school, get good grades so we can graduate with honors and land a great job so we can take care of ourselves. The idea of taking a step back to refuel hasn’t become a thing till the past few years. At one point, I think we all thought that it was a sign of weakness. As women we are looked at as inferior when male counterparts are in the equation. So we feel the need to work hard, all the time, to show are worth. The gag is, we are stronger, we are smarter. Therefore, overworking ourselves isn’t needed.

As a millennial who's constantly on the go, I've quickly learned that taking care of my body is a vital part of being successful. How can you give 100% to your craft if you aren’t physically, mentally or spiritually capable to do so? Therefore, each week I set aside at least one day where I stop, unwind and do something for me that makes me happy. The good thing about self care is that it is different for everyone. There is no right or wrong way to care for yourself. So, if it makes you happy, do it.

I decided to curate a list of my favorite forms of self care to help encourage you to take a moment to recharge.




Lighting candles - Just about everyday I light candles to get my mind going in the morning or to unwind after a long day. It’s something about a good smell and sitting, doing completely nothing, that just feels good. During this time, I normally close my eyes and think positive thoughts or if I’m feeling like a journalist., I’ll write down my thoughts and just get everything out.

Currently Burning: Alexandra Winbush, Candence Candle Co., Glow Candle Bar

Reading - I will say, I don’t do as much as I should however, from time to time I try to immerse myself in a good book or online article. For me reading opens up my mind. It gives me a new perspective on life and allows me to expand my creativity. They say that reading is fundamental and to be honest, it’s true. You’ll never learn more or become better, if you don’t read about it.

Currently Reading: Bible


Friend Time - Majority of my friends are spread across the US but we all manage to keep in touch through our many group chats, FaceTime calls and occasional trips. My friends are my lifeline. They help me get through the tough times and they ALWAYS have the tea. Having a good circle of supportive, honest, loving friends is hard to find. So, I’m thankful that I’ve found my tribe who loves me for me and will let me know when I’m wrong yet, love me unconditionally.

Cooking - I am by no means a chef, but #cookingwithkrys loves to whip up a good meal from time to time. It’s very therapeutic and it challenges me to try new things. Plus, who doesn’t love to eat? For me, cooking is a way for me to be creative and it’s preparation for when I finally get a bae

Currently Shopping at: Trader Joes


Working out - The gym has become one of my best friends! When I workout I feel better and when you feel better, everything else starts to follow into place. Not to mention, working out is a great way to relieve stress and get any anger you may have inside. I’m also starting to see results so there’s no stopping me now. I plan to be “crop top shawty” all summer long so I hope you’re ready!

Currently Wearing: Glamourina, Nike

Watching Tv - I barely have time to watch tv but from time to time I love to watch reruns of A Different World, Fresh Prince or catch up on Grown-ish and my new favorite show The Good Doctor. They say laughter does the body well and I enjoy a good laugh. Depending on the day and the weather, I can watch tv for hours on end and it’s nothing wrong with that. I stay away from the reality tv because in all reality, it’s not reality


Nail Appointments - If you know, I love getting my nails done. For me my nails are a form of self expression. It’s another part of my wardrobe that allows me to be creative. When I was in high school I used to get my nails super long and filled with designs, rhinestones, and crazy colors. Since, then I’ve evolved. Thank God. I now keep it minimal but still dope at the same time. When the money is right, you can believe that I will throw in a pedicure too, because guys love pretty feet and so do I!

Currently Going To: Bling Bling Nails

I hope you found my self care go to’s helpful and will add them to your routine if they aren’t in it all ready. If you don’t see it listed, let me know what you do for your self-care day, I’d love to try new things!

Till Next Time Loves,

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