Shop Black in Brooklyn

With a census-estimated 2,648,771 residents in 2017, Brooklyn is one of the most popular boroughs in New York City. While gentrification has taken place in some of the most dangerous parts of Bed-stuy, the culture is still embedded within the community. I’m glad to say I’ve been able to call Brooklyn home since I first touched down in New York June 6, 2017. I’ve grown to love the vibe, my neighbors and the dope black business I have encountered along the way.

I always get asked for recommendations on things to eat, places to party or just fun things to do when friends come to Brooklyn. So, I thought it would be a good idea to create a post highlighting my favorite black owned business in Brooklyn!

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Cafe on Ralph

Cafe on Ralph is a quaint cafe on the corner of Ralph and Putman. They offer typical cafe food and they make it all with love. Jamal is my favorite barista and he can make up a mean avocado toast. There’s tons of seating space and the big floor to ceiling windows brings in the most amazing natural light and good vibes.

Natural Blend

Natural Blend is a vegan cafe and juice bar based in the heart of Bedstuy. The pride themselves in serving wholesome, natural foods to the community with the overall goal being to enrich their mind, body, and soul. Everything at this cafe is good. I highly recommend the quinoa burger, any one of the patties, the mac and cheese and my favorite orange delight juice. Due note that they run out of food on a daily, so the earlier you stop by the more options you’ll have available.

Brooklyn Blend

Brooklyn Blend is a family owned juice bar located in Bedstuy. They strive to promote a healthy lifestyle within the community by offering affordable healthy food alternatives which is difficult to find in low income minority communities! Ralph Warren, Keishon Warren Ali Coutard & Ed Cooper, all co-owners of the juice bar, bring a different part of their Brooklyn culture to the business creating a true sense of Brooklyn.



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The Crabby Shack

The Crabby Shack was established by two black women Fifi Bell and Gwen Woods. It’s known to have some of the best crab legs and meatiest crab cakes in the Brooklyn area. The space is quaint and super clean. I recommend getting the 1/4 pound shrimp and 1/2 pound crab leg combo!

Brooklyn Bell

Brooklyn Bell was established in 2011 by the husband and wife team of Ron Cunningham and Kati Duncan-Cunningham. Offering homemade ice cream and special treats that taste better than your grandmas favorite recipe. They believe in simple, honest ingredients sourced with painstaking care.

ZuriLee Pizza Bar

Zurilee Pizza Bar was established in 2015 by two brothers Paul and Jermaine Burrowes. They were tired of the typical chicken pizzas and wanted to create something that was inspired by their Guyanese heritage. From ‘Da Jerk Chicken’ to the Bake and Saltfish, there is something there for everyone. On the weekends you can also enjoy a brunch which never disappoints!



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Ode To Babel

Ode To Babel was founded by twin sisters Marva and Myriam Babel. They wanted to curate a modern, neat vibe for the creatives in the Brooklyn community where they can come unwind, network and enjoy bar bites. One thing I really like about the place is that they provide a platform for local and/or independent creatives to showcase their art.

Basquiat’s Bottle

Basquiat’s Bottle is a cocktail bar and art space located in Bedstuy. Their focus is really on exploring art and creativity, and providing a platform for artists and entrepreneurs to launch themselves to their next level. They are known for their Freeda Tuesdays', a networking night for women.

Bed-Vyne Brew

Bed-Vyne Brew was established in 2013 with the goal to bring customers a unique experience by serving an elaborate selection of the finest craft beers with a list of local and touring DJs spinning hip hop, dancehall, funk, soul and more. They are the sister company to Bed-Vyne Cocktails and Bed-Vyne wine spirits. The vibe at all the venues are unique and you’re always bound to have a good time!



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Celsious is a modern, eco-conscious laundry experience located in the heart of Williamsburg. Founded in 2017 by two sisters Theresa and Corinna Willams, their goal is to create a space where you can enjoy doing one of your most daunting chores or they can take on the task and do it for it. They also offer organic coffee and light bites.

Indigostyle Vintage

Indigostyle Vintage was established by Sheryl Roberts, a fashion lover and rule breaker who once graced the cover of Essence and Ebony magazine. The boutique is stocked with unique, eye catching, recycled pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

Miles Culture

Miles Culture is an streetwear infused boutique owned by Ty Hollway. Here you will find one of a kind graphic tees, tactical bags, leather goods and accessories to compliment your style. Located in Crown Heights, the boutique is a mixture of Brooklyn with love from Philly.



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Alani and Renee

Alani and Renee is a black owned, luxury candle line poured in Brooklyn. Along with their soft, fresh scented candles they have room sprays that are to die for. I have Rose and it has lasted me over six months!

Anu Essentials

Anu Essentials was established by Anu Prestonia, the acclaimed beauty-industry innovator specializing in natural hair care. Her love for nurturing the body was led to the all natural luxury skin care collection she curated. With their plant based ingredients, holistic remedies and wonderful scents this is the perfect combination for any skin.



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Style Box Salon

Style Box salon is a full service salon bar founded by Stephanie Louis. They specialize in care and styling for all people and hair types — but it was built with Black women first in mind. Let me not forget to mention they offer unlimited beverages (from coffee to cocktails), Netflix and super affordable prices!

The Standard Grooming Co,

The Standard Grooming Co has redefined the grooming experience for men. Founded by Vince Jamael, the goal of the shop was to curate a space where clients look forward to being in. With their appointment only policy and friendly staff, you are sure to feel appreciated.