The Do-Over, Brooklyn Style


This past Sunday, I got the chance to experience the first of many Summer events in Brooklyn! The Do-Over and Adidas Original came together and brought the city great vibes and good music all for the FREE. All you had to do was RSVP! Crazy thing is that I actually got the chance to experience this party once before in Charlotte. But it's true what the say, when it comes to parties and experiences, everything is better up north!

The event took place at The Brooklyn Mirage in the heart of Bushwick. My friends and I arrived around 3pm because it was anticipated to be super packed... and it was. The line was wrapped around the building and down the block. The sun was beaming, I had on pants, so you can only imagine how I felt. Nonetheless, we waited for about 20 minutes to get inside and once we did, it was definitely well worth it.

When we first walked in we received wristbands that served 2 purposes. Not only did they give us access to the event, the bands were actually chips that you could use in place of your ATM card. All we had to do was set it up at a kiosk and when we wanted to get food or drinks, all we had to do was wave our wrist in front of this pad. Technology is super cool, right? Yea, it was pretty dope, I can't lie. However, I definitely spent more than I expected to being that I wasn't physically using my card.

All in all the event was pretty dope. What I loved the most was, of course you guessed it, the fashion. Being in a city that eat, breaths and sleeps style is loveeeee. With it being an Adidas event, there was a lot of Adidas gear spread throughout the party. It was cool to see how everyone added their own vibe to it. I decided to share some of the style that I got to experience on the blog. Special thanks to all the dope individuals who let me snap their fly. And thanks to those who said they "don't do the blogs"... hahaha Okay, sis!


Life Lesson:

You must step outside of your comfort zone to grow!

One thing I don't do well with is rejection. I mean, who does? Whenever I'm put in a situation where I have the potential to be rejected I shy away and try my hardest to be out of sight. Lets just say, I like to stay lowkey to save myself the embarrassment. I had to learn that rejection is a part of life. Everyone has and will be rejected at some point in time. It's all about how you bounce back once that rejection takes place. Some can see it as an ends, while I have started to look at it as fuel to becoming better.

During the process of collecting pictures for this blog post, I was uber nervous. To be honest, going up to complete strangers asking if I can take pictures of them for my blog is nerve racking. There is the chance they will say yes, but then there is the chance that they will say no and look at me crazy. While I had those reservations in my head, I still had to jump out of my comfort zone and do it anyway; and I'm glad I did. I was able to meet local designers, bloggers, DJs and other creatives in the process. There was one guy who said he "doesn't do blogs', but the positive interaction outweighed that one negative for sure! I was able to work on my interpersonal skills and I mastered my mini elevator speech by time I left the event. Therefore, I say all that to say, when you jump outside of your comfort zone and do things that you normally wouldn't do, great things will transpire!