The HU$TL[HER] Workshop Event Recap


This past Saturday, on November 25th,  myself along with two of my closest friends (Ajia Burris, Esquire for the state of Georgia + Janis Igbinazaka, event planner for Iggy Elise) hosted our first HU$TL[HER] Workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina. This holiday season, I really wanted to figure out how I could give back to my hometown. After attending an amazing event in New York hosted by The Creative Collective NYC , where I learned how to develop an effective business plan, I knew exactly how I was going to accomplish my goal. I decided to host an event for female, millennial entrepreneurs to help them learn how to turn their part-time hustles to full-time, lucrative careers.

You learn to teach and help the next person

Now, we didn't go into the workshop with that mentality as if we had all the answers. Technically, we all just got started in our respective fields. So, we made sure to let all the ladies know that we were there to share what we've learned and encouraged anyone to interject with tips they've learned on their journey as well. To me, that's what the life of an entrepreneur is all about. You learn to teach and help the next person. And Saturday, that's exactly what we did! We shared with the ladies tips on how to effectively create a business plan, how to protect themselves legally, and how to use social media when it comes to their side hustle.

Let me put some things in perspective for you real quick. I went to that event where I learned about the business plan on Nov. 2nd. Which means, we only had 3 weeks to plan, promote and execute the event. But, we did it! Not only did we surpass our sponsorship goal, but we also were able to sell out the event which in the end allowed us to be able to raise over $200 for Foundation For Girls. I honestly still can't believe we pulled it off. But, then again, when you get girl bosses together who are passionate, driven, and determined to achieve anything they set out to do, it's inevitable for the things they want, to not happen. Now, it wasn't easy by any means. The unthinkable happened and I had a facilitator quit on me last minute. I was upset at first, but then I remembered the saying that I always quote " Everything Happens for a Reason!"

All in all, the first HU$TL[HER] Workshop was a success! We set out to achieve a mission and it was accomplished! I want to thank my amazing team for all their hard work and dedication. It means a lot when you people support your ideas like they're their own. And when I came to Ajia and Janis with the idea of having a workshop, they jumped into action immediately. So, thanks girls! This is only the beginning! Stay tuned, because there is a lot in store for 2018 and I know you don't want to miss it!

Till next time loves,



Check out some of the pictures below from the event taken by Camille Hughes




Special thanks to all who donated to help make this event possible. Below is more information on each brand who contributed:


Donslaya curates the perfect look for that ambitious 20-30 something woman handling the demands of her career but is sure not to miss out on a happy hour. From her day hustle to her nigh out on the town, she is sure to slay with bold colors, fun textures and curve friendly shapes!

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Jump Institute is focused on equipping tomorrow's youth, through facilitating innovative routes to STEAM education. They simply want more students to get engaged with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math by learning from other students through social networking.  Jump Institute platform will facilitate students posting various forms of media such as videos, pictures and audio content, detailing prevalent STEAM concepts. The platform also affords students the opportunity to post homework questions or general ideas and get help or collaborate with peers.

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Byrd Consulting

Byrd Career Consulting provides solutions to those looking to make career moves that bring success and happiness. We have the pleasure of providing exceptional client service and building long-lasting relationships until our clients meet their career goals. With the knowledge of what hiring managers are looking for, we are able to work with you on developing a custom plan to get the job of your dreams. It's time to take the next step! Let us help you make your job search easier as you strive to take your career to the next level.

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Bornmajestic is an online blog, e-boutique and influencer platform who’s goal is to inspire women to take risks, be their best, and live life in style.  You can expect posts related to personal style, marriage advice, beauty tips, and product reviews.

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Lip Fetish Cosmetic

Lip Fetish Cosmetics offers handmade, luxurious lip products created for the woman who exudes confidence and elegance. Our innovative formula is composed of intensified hues and quality ingredients that are captivating to the human eye. With our moisture filled, lightweight finish; you're sure to be addicted. 

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Deliciously Dipped Treats

Deliciously Dipped Treats is a small business founded by LaToya Mozee in 2015. We specialize in edible art great for any occasion.




Curls and Sym

Symone is a natural hair care professional located here in Charlotte. She understands the struggle curly/textured haired people go through when searching for someone who can help them accept their natural hair as a blessing. She places a major emphasis on the health and condition of your hair and helps you discover styles that are best for your hair- to maintain its beauty and allow it to grow. You can book a consultation or appointment with Symone by following her Instagram.

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Adorned by the Queen

Adorned by the Queen is a beauty brand that specializes in eyelash extensions, make up, skin, and hair services. Adorned by the Queen is owned by Brittany Butler, a Paul Mitchell future Professional. Her mission is to ensure that every woman feels like the beauty Queen she is.

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Smile Natural Toothpaste

Smile Natural Toothpaste is a fluoride-free, activated charcoal, natural toothpaste, “for us, by us”. SMILE was created by Brian Mays to give back to children’s education. They’ve already given 100 families school supplies this year most recently just announced their first SMILE scholarship for a well deserving high school senior! You can support ‘Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures’ at

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Momgullennial is a niche platform designed to give millennial women, moms & moguls relevant content with a community to be inspired and empowered.

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Art And Ambition

Art & Ambition was created to inspire women of color to love themselves and their journey as they work towards their lifelong goals. The art side of A&A includes all artwork and designs by Addie Rawr (my artist name) from paintings to illustrations. Addie Rawr has built a following of over 10k on social media and have worked with big brands such as Blavity, Refinery29 and Adidas. The ambition side focuses on helping one get closer to achieving their goals. Blog content, branding designs and Addie Rawr's merchandise were all created as inspiration and motivation for women. Since 2012 A&A has grown to include over 20 different products including planners, notebooks, tote bags, mugs and holiday cards.

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XChange is an agency dedicated to customized consultation, training, and facilitation for organizations and staff that seek to experience positive trajectory in their field.  From a simple exchange of ideas, concepts, interests, and frameworks; any entity XChangeNC serves can be stronger partners, advocates, and catalysts for change in their community.

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Bree & Me

Bree & Me is a brand designed to inspire and strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters through fashion. Their online store offers stylish bags and accessories at affordable prices.

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