ULTA Beauty Haul ft. NYX

Every girl has her moments when she just wants to go and buy beauty products. Whether you really need them, saw your favorite YouTuber recommended them or you want them just because, beauty trips are super fun. Last weekend, I decided to hit up ULTA Beauty and get some products...just because. Being that I was on a budget,  I decided to focus on finding some good products within NYX. I have used all of the products so far and I absolutely loveeeee them so I decided to share with you all my :)



NYX Matte Liquid Linear - $6.99

Usually, for my everyday look, I only use mascara on my eyes. Yet, for the times I want to get jazzy and create a wing tip or add more mmph to my eyes I like to use a liquid linear. The only thing about my eyes is that my lid opens wide and every so often I'll get a mirrored black line in the middle of my eyelid. I decided to purchase the matte liquid linear to see if it would help and it has!

NYX Eyebrow Gel - $6.99

I am that girl who can't leave the house without her eyebrows filled in. I normally use a pencil, its easy and quick. Yet, with me having oily skin, my eyebrows tend to get glossy and look as if they want to slide off my face. So, I wanted to give the gel a try to see if I like this better. While it isn't as easy to control like a pencil, the results were bomb. com. One thing I try to do when moisturizing my face now is to stay clear of my eyebrows to make sure they don't hold any unneeded moisture. I have definitely seen a difference!

NYX Waterproof EyeShadow Primer - $6.99

I bought this because I saw a makeup artist use it on the brows of a model during one of my shoots. While it is good primer for your eyes, It can also be used as a sealant for your brows. It helps to keep them in place all day with no smearing! I've used this product a few times since purchasing it, on both my eyebrows and eyelids, and I love it as an eyeshadow primer. I don't feel a need to use it on my eyebrows after falling in love with the gel.

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray - $7.99

I have oily skin, mainly in my T-zone area. So, after a few hours of wearing makeup, my skin gets slightly glossy and it's super annoying. So I decided to test out the Matte Finish Setting Spray to see if I can wear my makeup all day with no issues. I can say, I am an absolute fan. The spray gives me a good smooth look.

NYX Pro-Dual Brow Brush - $9.99

This was definitely an impulse buy. I have both of these products separately, but thought it would be cool to try the combo action. I will say this angle brush is amazing!

I would highly recommend trying the eyebrow gel and the finishing spray, if you haven't already. The results they have given me have been nothing but amazing, so it's definitely worth the money. Check it out and let me know what you think!