Warby Parker Announces it's New Winter 2017 Collection


It's a new season so you know what that means, brands are coming out with exciting new products just in time for holidays! Recently, I partnered up with Warby Parker and got the chance to check out their new Winter 2017 Collection! And it's LIT! The winter collection not only includes new colors but there are also new shapes and textures! And the best part is the starting price point is only $95!

Now, if you're a Warby Parker fan, then you probably already have your favorites. For me, my fav style is the Louise Small. I love how elegant they look and how they compliment my face. But what do I always say? Life is all about trying new things! And when it comes to fashion or in this case making a statement with your frames, stepping outside of your comfort zone is must from time to time. And trust me, now is the time!

When designing their new Winter 2017 Collection, they discovered their inner geologists. From acetate to metal, brand-new shapes and a few familiar styles, the line up definitely has something for everyone!

On the acetate side of things, they developed a slew of custom gem-inspired colorways like Marbled Walnut, Pacific Slate, and Striped Granite. Other new colors like Rose Crystal and Jet Black Fade take after more transparent jewels. You’ll find them all on new silhouettes—plus some established customer favorites.

Then there are the semi-rimless metal frames in the assortment. They range in hue from rose gold to navy to classically silvery, and stud the whole collection with extra gleam.



Although Warby Parker has a select amount of showrooms around the U.S., their main place of business takes place online. But that's the fun part! What I love most about them is that they have a Home Try-on program that is quick, convenient, and FREE! All you do is take a simple 6 step quiz to tell them a little bit more about yourself and your preferences when it comes to your glasses. Once you're done, they will compile a list of frames together based off the answers that you gave. From that list you get to pick 5 frames to test out and they will send them to you to try on, for free! You'll have 5 days to play around with the frames. If you like a pair that they sent, you get to keep them and they will charge you only for that pair. The rest you return and guess what, they pay for that too!

This shows that they believe in their products. But most importantly, it shows that they value their customers time and money! And If you're like me, and prefer to touch the product and test it out before you buy it, then this will be a great way to ensure you're picking the right frames for the season! If you're looking for new frames and want a more edgier, sleek look, I highly recommend checking out the Warby Parker Winter 2017 collection! I promise, you won't be disappointed!



P.S. If you're looking for a great gifting item for this holiday season, feel free to check out the seasonal collection featuring essentials and specialties for every taste!