Ryan Gale


The word hustle can be explained differently by all but, one thing is for sure; the action is all the same. In today’s society, if you don’t have at least one hustle then you’re doing something wrong. Most millennials have learned that the “American Dream” we were taught, doesn’t come as easy as they say. Lucky for us, we thrive off of the grind and will stop at nothing till we reach our idea of success. The #endorsedbykrys feature of the month has a hustle that started from birth and is unmatched by most. Ryan Gale is a freelance wardrobe stylist and owner of an online accessories boutique, Chatter Box. Her goal is to become a fashion icon all while providing staple accessory pieces to the world!

Name: Ryan Gale (Girl Ryann)

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Age: 23

Current location: Brooklyn, N.Y



Describe what your Company is about and how did it come into fruition? Chatter Box, is an online accessories boutique. I believe that all you really need is that one key accessory to make your outfit pop. My goal is to make those staple accessory pieces available to everyone.

When did you first realize you were passionate about becoming an entrepreneur? I’ve always been a hustler; I went from selling snacks in high school, to making waist beads and selling vintage garments in college. I guess it’s a skill I was blessed with.

Who is your inspiration?  I draw inspiration from everything. When I'm not inspired I feel lost!  


What would you say is one of your biggest accomplishments to date? Definitely finding the courage to move to NYC. Resigning from my job as a kindergarten teacher to pursue my dreams in fashion.

What are the current projects that you are working on? Revamping Chatter Box’s website and brand, and adding more material to my portfolio.

How would you describe your personal style? Lately I have been rocking monochrome looks. Its an easy look to accomplish and its very chic.

What is the last clothing item you purchased? My birthday outfit, I haven’t bought it yet. Not sure what it will look like but that will be my next purchase. I honestly can’t remember what my last purchase was; I hardly ever shop for myself these days.



What is your favorite staple piece? Big curly hair, fly eye-wear, and caps, I’m typically rocking one or all three other.

Do you have any style advice? Keep it simple, have at least one item that stands out, and just build your outfit around that one item.

I want to become: a fashion mogul and icon

Fashion to me is: life

The grind is: everyday

Social Networks:

Instagram: @shopchatterbox Website: chatterbox.storenvy.com