Aramis Alexander


Occupation: Lifestyle Photographer & Branding Graphic Designer

Age: 28

Current Location: Washington D.C


Social media has become a major platform for all creatives to showcase their talents to the world. As the popularity of Instgram has increased over the last few years, so has the world of photography and graphic design. While everyone is quick to throw those titles in their bio, not all live up to the hype or have the ability to produce quality work that you are actually willing to pay for. However, there are some who exceed your expectations and go beyond what your mind can formulate to bring your vision to life. Lucky enough for me, I personally know of a guy who happens to be “The Guy” when it comes to this. Aramis Alexander is a self- taught Lifestyle Photographer & Branding Graphic Designer whose goal is not just get likes on Instagram, although those are nice, but to be able to create someone’s ideas and bring it to reality from his mind.

When did you first realize you were passionate about photography/visual design? I realized I was passionate about design at an early age when I played sports video games based off the team’s logo rather than how good the team was. Choosing music to listen to if the album or single cover art was great. I had a sense of esthetics early. Photography came later in my life. I knew this wasn’t a hobby anymore when I photographed at the Million Man March last year. I wanted to capture the same style of iconic pictures that I looked at as a child in 1995. It felt amazing documenting that in the moment to create history for my future children.


Who are your inspirations within the photography/visual design field? So I have 3 major people who inspire me. The first is Ron Stewart (@pacecool). He taught me the basics of photography and let me borrow his camera for a week to feed my curiosity about photography early. Shortly after I bought my first camera and haven’t put it down since. The second is Dayo Kosoko (@thearthype). He inspires me to tell stories with my photos through details. Dayo has taught me so many valuable things from consistency to networking it’s crazy. Our friendship is similar to having a creative big brother that I can bounce ideas off of. Third is Denisse Benitez (@thugnanny_). She inspires me to have a higher level of hustle, since her level is not even human at times. As a friend we have that open dialogue about life, ideas, and goals. She keeps me sharp with the ways of the business and just really raises my level of personal excellence.


What would you say is one of your biggest accomplishments to date? I always have some sort of accomplishment with every project. My clients and me always have a bond of overcoming a certain obstacle with projects. Having my work featured, getting likes from major companies and re-posted is great, but I get my true accomplishments when I can create someone’s idea and bring it into reality from my mind.


What are the current projects that you are working on? My current project is building my own personal brand (Alexander Visual Co.) as a business. I decided to re-brand my business to more personal and give my audience a look of who I am as well as great work. I would love to make a coffee table book with my photos, but I’m not sure how to piece it together writing wise. So all my writers/blogger’s contact me! I need help!


How would you describe your personal style? My personal style is pretty eclectic. There’s an ongoing joke within my family that I wear clothes that match but don’t really match! I love pairing colors/patterns that correlate rather than matching traditionally. I like to pair classic vintage items with a splash of current trends. Prep meets street wear, something like an urban gentleman.


Who inspires your style? Kid Cudi inspires my style. I use his sense of minimal looks and going by the less is more style. Lance Fresh is inspiring as well with his sense of layering, unique pattern choices, and matching dress items with causal.



What is your favorite staple piece? I’m big on accessories, so you will always catch me with a mix of multiple bracelets paired with a watch. So beaded bracelets are my go-to.

What is the last clothing item you purchased? My last purchase was a 47 brand khaki dad hat.

Do you have any style advice? My style advice is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good. High-end brand’s are great to wear, but let it compliment your outfit rather than compensate. It’s all about the right fit. If it doesn’t fit right, it won’t look right. People do notice. Oh! Stop wearing Sperry’s, or boat shoes with socks!

Photography is a pause in time that can be treasured forever.                  Art to me is like brainstorming with an angel from heaven.

All photos on this page are owned by Aramis Alexander

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