Cory Bennett


Occupation: Creative Connector

Age: 27

Current Location: Charlotte, NC


We all have that one person in our circle of friends who we can call when we need honest feedback on an idea. Whether it be about an event, a new business venture or to discuss a career move to a new city, they're good at giving you the advice you need while connecting you with some influential people who can help bring your ideas to life. To some, this is known as a good friend, but to others this is known as a consultant. As millennials, we gravitate to what we do well, but we aren't afraid to expand and take it to the next level. The #endorsedbykrys feature of the month has taken his passion for connection creative individuals with the right resources to the next level by creating a company that does that, and then some. Cory Bennett is the Founder and CEO of XChangeNC, a company based out of Charlotte, NC who seeks to empower, educate and light the necessary fires to spark change for any organization!


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