Josyln Hall


Name: Joslyn Hall

Age: 25

Current location: Charlotte, NC


Did you know that out of the 88 years that the Academy Awards has been around, there have only been 29 Black Oscar winners? And only one African American woman, Halley Berry, has won Best Actress in a leading role. Crazy right? Because when you hear the names Angela Bassett, Gabrielle Union and Taraji P. Henson, you immediately think of What’s Love Got to Do with It, Bad Boys II, and Hustle & Flow. The talent is undeniable, yet the credit is scarce. While this can be very frustrating, there are many actors and actresses of color today taking strides to make sure their talent doesn’t go unnoticed. The #endorsedbykrys feature of the month is working diligently to break the racial barriers in Hollywood and ultimately become a household name. Josyln Hall is an actress aspiring to make it to the sliver screen! From short films to stage plays, she has been working since high school and will stop at nothing till she achieves her dreams!

Check out my first live #endorsedbykrys interview with Joslyn Hall below.


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