Erinn Diggs


Occupation: DJ/Journalist

Age: 25

Current Location: Greensboro, NC


Where were you when you first heard the song that touched your soul? Where you at your favorite coffee shop studying, in your room listening to sound cloud with bae, in the car headed home after a long day at work or where you in the club with your girls? Wherever you were, the moment you heard that song, you knew it deserved a repeat. Whether it was the beat, the lyrics or the overall vibe it just made you feel... good. Music has a tendency to do that and much more. Studies show that while music can make you feel good, it also has the ability to increase your vocabulary, encourage creativity, and even repair brain damage. Music is like, the answer to all your problems. Now, while you can always find music that works for you, It takes a very gifted person to be able to pick the right songs and evoke the right mood for a crowd of people. The #endorsedbykrys feature of the month is not only breaking beats, more importantly she's breaking stereotypes! Erinn Diggs, better known as Mickiblendz, is a DJ/Journalist who sees music as her place of intimacy and she loves nothing more than to spread that to her listeners with ever set.


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