Jonathan T. McLean, Jr.


Occupation: Consultant

Age: 22

Current Location: Charlotte, NC


Have you ever met someone that genuinely loves to get fly? They wake up, everyday, with the intentions on killing it. No matter the occasion, or time of day, you always know that their look will be effortless, unique and pun intended. Those are the types of people that not only start trends, but they make old trends hip again by revamping the way people look at everyday fashion through their creative eye.  Thankfully with the help of the internet and social media we are now able to witness their creativity as it unfolds. Through music, art, and everyday life, fashion has been heavily influenced by the culture right outside our front doors. From brands such as Supreme, Bathing Ape and The Hundreds, it's nice to find apparel that stays true to where it originated first, the streets. The #endorsedbykrys feature of the month is a well versed and very well dressed, yet chill, young man who works everyday towards building relationships and pushing his street wear brand via social networks. Jonathan T. McLean, Jr is a Consultant by day, street fashion expert by life and one of the creators of a Charlotte originated street wear brand known as The Clean Slate.


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