Tremani (Trap) Davis


Occupation: Artist

Age: 24

Current Location: Charlotte, NC


When you think of the word art, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Paintings, sculptures, photography or design, right? Well I want you think deeper. Think deeper than the typical things you would see in museums or what you may have learned about in your high school art class. Take a moment and just look around. Art is everywhere. From the clothes you wear and the music you listen to, to the way you communicate, art is the purest form of expression. And whether you realize it or not, art is a part of who we are as generation. As a child, art was my getaway and as an adult it still is. It allows me to be myself with no distractions, no judgement and no rules. In my opinion. art is the sauce that makes the world go round. Thanks to the creative geniuses of our generation, art will never be one dimensional and it continues to evolve each day. Tremani (Trap) Davis, is the Artist behind Traphouseart. Through everyday life experiences, his love for music and current events, his art is born. He most recently began to use his talent it to inspire and influence the culture, and he hopes to one day be able to use his craft to educate and empower the youth.


Social Networks:

Instagram: @traphouseart