Saloan Rochelle


Occupation: Founder of Queen Agenda / Freelance Photographer

Age: 30

Current Location: Charlotte, NC


When you think of the word 'QUEEN' what's the first thing that comes to mind? A woman who is strong, independent, determined and uniquely beautiful, right? Well, In today's world, society and social media can sometimes cause you to think that a queen is someone with this picture perfect lifestyle, amazing job, banging body and flawless face; basically, all things materialistic. Yet, a Queen is more than that. No matter a woman's physical appearance, job title or past, as long as she is living in her purpose then she is the true definition of a Queen. The #endorsedbykrys feature of the month has made it her mission to continuously remind all Queens of the power they possess within.

Soloan Rochelle is the Founder of Queen Agenda and the woman behind the lens of #ShotbySR. While her passion is the camera, she uses her brand to uplift and empower all women to know that no matter their background or profession they are, and always will be, a Queen.


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