Dan P. Lee

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Age: 25

Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC

In today’s society, when you think of a fashion stylist what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Someone who styles celebs, rocks the latest designer trends and goes to all the fashion events, right? If you’re basing your criteria off social media, then that definitely fits the mold. Yet, have you ever met a stylist that was genuinely nice, good at their craft, excited to put others on and most importantly unashamed to share their love for God with others? Personally, I hadn’t met someone within the fashion industry who exemplified all of those characteristics until I met P. Lee.

Dan P. Lee is a small town guy who is making his big city dreams of becoming a well known staple within the fashion industry a reality. Since 2012, when he first wrote out the vision, till now he has put in the work and the results are very evident. His styling resume is filled with A-list actors/actresses, athletes and artists. Most recently, he got he’s debut as the Lead Stylist for artist Famous Dex in his music video Nervous and the crazy thing is, he’s just getting started.

If you follow Dan on social media, then you know that he is all about #InspiringOthersToInspireOthers. He uses his platform to inspire his peers and the next generation to go after your dreams, trust the process and to always keep God first.


Social Networks:

Instagram: @dan.p.lee Website: www.danplee.com