Germanee Gerald

Occupation: Founder of GG&Co Styling Firm

Age: 27

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

In today’s social media driven society, where everyone does everything, you can hop on Instagram and find a stylist in under a minute. While everyone may have the title in their bios, their qualifications don’t always add up. When it comes to being a stylist, your ability to dress is important, yet the key to a good stylist is having the ability to use your skills to make others look and feel good through their clothing.

While styling is easy for some, there are those who struggle with staying on trend or having the time to curate new looks for their ever evolving brand. That’s when women like Germanee Gerald come into play. Since college she has be intrigued with fashion. After studying textiles at NC State and being a Buyer for Gap Inc., she has catapulted her career as a full time entrepreneur and gained the title of ultimate #girlboss.

Germanee is the founder of GG+Co Styling Firm, a place where life meets style. As an image consultant who is currently based out of Los Angelos, California, her services range from closet purges and organization to personal consultations with executives and celebrities to hosting master classes focused around developing your personal style. Along with that, she holds one of the most anticipated stylish workshops in the Bay Area known as, Sip N Style. What once started off as an in-home meet up with 5 ladies has grown to become a 250+ attended event focused on inspiring and educating, both males and females, on how to elevate their personal style and maximize their current wardrobe.

The thing is, sis is just getting started. In the next few years, Germanee is working towards expanding her brand to more cities, adding a few new services and even taking on the exciting task of creating fashionable clothing for plus size women. Ultimate she wants GG + CO to be known for helping bad ass people create their style.


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