Olivia Anthony


Occupation: Fashion Designer

Age: 27

Current Location: New York, NY


If you're on any form of social media these days, especially Instagram, then I'm sure you see that just about everyone has their own T-shirt line or accessory boutique. It's interesting when people are quick to call themselves "designers" yet all they do is buy in bulk from wholesale sites or slap a graphic on T-shirt. Now, don't get me wrong, I admire the people who do it because when done correctly that hustle is very lucrative! However, a true fashion designer is one that starts from a sketch or an idea and then transforms their vision to actually garments. That, to me is truly God giving talent! Since living in New York and assisting a variety of stylists, I've been introduced to a lot of different designers. Maybe I'm bias, but nothing excites me more than to see my people making major moves as designers in the fashion industry. Not only is it inspirational for others who may be interested in getting into the industry, it's also motivational to the youth. Because this shows, that no matter what society may think or say, if you work hard for what you want then you will reap the benefits.

Olivia Anthony, is the Designer behind LIV Streetwear and House of Olivia Anthony. Ever since she was a kid, her goal has been to bring the real back to the fashion. Through her love for the 90s and her desire to desire to inspire others to LIV in their true self, she develops her one of a kind concepts. While she's been featured in Teen Vogue as one of the hottest brands of the summer and had dope celebrities such as SZA rock some of her pieces to AfroPunk, she is still hungry for more.


Social Networks:

Instagram: @liv4olivia Website: www.oliviaanthony.com