SHE in the Morning

Ever since I had a car, one of my favorite things to do in the morning was listen to the radio. Growing up in Charlotte, The Morning Mad House on Power98 was my thing. From the crazy topics to the juicy celebrity gossip and dope morning mixes, the hosts had me on 10 every morning. One of my favorite hosts was Jessica "The Girl Next Door". In a room full of men, she made sure to always give the woman's perspective and she never let her opinions go unheard. She was feisty and I loved it!

As times changed, and Charlotte began to grow,  more stations started to air in the city and I was introduced to a whole new level of radio.  From Steve Harvey in the Morning Show to the Rickey Smiley Show and my favorite, The Breakfast Club I loved how each show had their own spin on how they shared pop culture, news and advice for their listeners. I loved the shows, but one thing I realized was that they were all dominated by men.

When I moved to New York, I gave myself the mission to find more shows (whether it be radio, podcasts or YouTube series) powered by women. I wanted to get advice from people who looked like me and who understood the struggles of being a woman or the concept that guys are complicated. After attending a relaunch event in the city, I was able to meet a young lady who actually started her own radio show with two complete strangers thanks to Radio Free Brooklyn.

Jazmin, Kim and Sojourner are the powerful voices behind SHE in the Morning. They're one of the newest radio series to hit the airways bringing you a source of all things pop culture, entertainment, news and good vibes. They're like the best friends we all wish we had, keeping it real no matter what!  With one season under their belt, they're ready to expand their platform and give their listeners more.


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