This Fall season, more and more fashion related events have surfaced. Whether it is for a cause or just to showcase a new designers line, fashion shows have definitely made its mark on the event calendars of many creatives in the area. When attending shows as a guest, one thing to keep in mind is your outfit. You want to make a statement but more importantly you want your outfit selection to spark conversation with the need-to-know people in your local industry. Your statement piece can consist of a dope jacket, a jazzy purse, some amazing shoes or even your hair. It depends on what you want to highlight most. However, one thing to keep in mind is that your statement piece doesn't have to break your pockets.  I decided to pair some ripped jeans with a black top, a thrifted yellow vintage jacket($5) , a thrifted faux fur scarf($2) and a pair of my new favorite black boots. Talk about making a statement on a budget! I've worn this jacket once to a fashion event and it was definitely a conversation starter.

Photography by Gavin Boulware