If you know anyone from Charlotte, you know how much we love our city. In the past few years we've grown in so many ways. Some natives will stay here forever and raise a family while some will venture off to other parts of the world. Yet, one thing is for sure, Charlotte will always be home. Whenever I go places, home is always a good conversation starter. Either people have traveled through Charlotte while on vacation or have never been but heard great things. I love to put people on to how lit our city is. And school them on how technically we are the capital of North Carolina. In this post, I wanted to pay homage to the city I love by wearing my limited edition 91+N Charlit Tee. I paired it with some gingham print pants a thrifted mustard biker jacket and topped it off with a fur ball cap. This look can be worn around the city or while on vacation!

Photography by Gavin Boulware