If you haven't already realized that the athletic trend is here to parlay for a while, then I don't know what to tell. From tracksuits and joggers to two piece sets and everything in between, the concept of athlesuire has definitely been revamped to a more sexier, anytime you wanna rock it, vibe. Designers such as Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and Versace brought the sporty athleisure trend to the runway during the Spring 2017 shows. From the modern, sleek designs to the mesh cut outs and form fitting two pieces, they made it known to the masses that it's okay to wear athletic attire when you're not working out.

blue fit 1 copy.jpg

Now, if you're like me, and you've always felt comfy in an Adidas two piece, then it isn't a surprise that it's gain so much traction in the fashion industry. I mean, who doesn't want to be comfortable and cute. It's the perfect combination. Celebrities like Rhianna, with her Fenty Pumpa collection, have capitalized off this trend in a major way. The entire line gives me athletic goodness from the shoes to the coats. There's one particular trend that I've fallen in love with from the line, and that is the "Tearaway Tack Pants"! They go from chilling at home with bae to pumping through the day party with your girls in a matter of 2.5 seconds.

Being that they're out of my price range for my current budget, I was excited when I came across a similar pair with even more jazz added to it for 1/3 of the price. I copped these royal blue tearaway pants from a well known NY gem, necessary clothing for only $25! They are super comfy! I love the fact that they tearaway all the way up the leg, however, that could be a hazard if under the influence. So I would definitely say wear with caution. They actually had a pair that wasn't a full tearaway and it stopped at the waist, but I didn't really like the colors so I opt'd for this one.

I decided to keep it simple and pair it with a black bodysuit. The jazz came with my accessories. I broke out my fav metallic silver clogs and matching bag to add some spice to my look. It goes with the buttons on the pants and definitely helps to tie it all together. I finished the look off with this super dope 'All About My Check' hat from a Charlotte based brand called Boujee + Uninterested. One thing I love most about this brand is that it's ran by a female boss! I love when women follow their dreams and share their passions with the world. And the fact that this is from my hometown makes it even better!  If you're a #girlboss dong your thing in your field, I highly recommend that you check this brand out and support! The particular hat I have is currently out of stock since people loved it so much, but they are looking to bring in new merch in the next few months.

This look can be worn out running errands, to a business meeting with a fashion brand or even for a quick trip to the store. The shoes are super comfortable! However, if you plan to be out for a while, I highly recommend throwing some flats in your bag, especially in your in NYC.

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Photography by Collectiveframes

Top: Forver21

Pants: Necessary Clothing (in red)

Shoes: BooHoo (simliar)

Bag: BooHoo

Hat: Boujee + Uninterested